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My kid said what?!

I can't be the only one that is constantly laughing and shaking their head over the wildly hilarious things their LO says... Can we please share and laugh?

When we had a strong case of the snots in our house, Brynlee woke up and rubbed her nasty nose all over my black shirt (it had to be black, didn't it?) She sat back, wrinkled her nose in disgust, and said "Momma! Boogers are gross!"

Another current favorite was yesterday when I told her to stop doing something... without missing a beat, she looked at me and said "No! I'm the momma!"

I've got my hands full with this little firecracker! 

Re: My kid said what?!

  • That's really cute! You definitely have an advanced speaker there! Freya has definitely said some silly things, but I can only think of one that happened today. So she spilled the bubbles on our table, pointed to them and said "uh oh". Grandma said "who spilled the bubbles?" And Freya said "mama!" Lol
  • Too funny! My 2 year old likes blaming everyone else. He thinks it's hilarious (we did too).

    Brynlee has a really wild vocabulary... she loves talking about alligators, flamingos, and armadillos. Right now, I'm trying to convince her that she needs to go night night. She keeps telling me no. I ask her why not? "I love you toooo much momma!" Good thing she's cute...
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  • One thing that Gina says that I think is pretty funny, which is not even really a word, it's more like a sound, is whenever she sees a food commercial like Taco Bell or Baskin Robins she'll do "mmmmm" lol 
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    Ok she didn't *say* anything funny but today at day care she played a legit prank on her teacher!  Rose hid a stash of rocks in the playground and when her teacher came near she stuffed them in her mouth and pretended she was choking! The teacher panicked and ripped them out of her mouth and Rose started laughing maniacally. They said she laughed for like ten minutes! 

    Also, I love this thread - what a great idea @BarrettJ89
  • Whenever mine toots, she instantly goes "dad poop!"  Even when hes not home. Already blaming daddy for tooting. 
  • My daughter thinks every toot--from anyone is a poop. I love when she announces that I've pooped in public. 

    We have lots of single words, but she knows the Moo, Baa, La La La book by Sandra Boynton by heart, and you have to ask her several times what the pigs say before she stops saying "la la la," and actually makes a pig noise.
    Whoa is another one she uses a lot and totally in context.
    The other really funny thing is when she's doing a puzzle, she'll move the pieces across the board and go, "Noooooooo," until she finds the right one.

  • Harper says "eeeeeewwwwww" really enthusiastically which makes me giggle.  She'll pick up the tiniest thing off the floor and says eeew louder and louder until I acknowledge it and tell her to throw it out.  I might need to vacuum more often....  Also, in front of my in-laws she stuck her hand into my cleavage and said "what's that?" repeatedly.  
  • @maureenmce I totally would have panicked too! Oh my goodness! Lol

    Brynlee is chocked full of silly and sassy remarks. 
    When picking up her 10 year old sister from summer camp, the counselors were getting them all wound up singing "boom chicka rocka, chicka rocka, chicka boom." Brynlee got really excited and yelled out "chicka chicka boom boom!" The other parents were laughing so hard. 

    And not five minutes ago, I asked her for a kiss... she said "No momma... high five?!" and picked my hand up to give me a high five. 
  • Whenever I tell Zack we're going to do something he doesn't want to do he'll say bye bye and point to the door like he wants me to leave.  
    He also recently got this little toy dinosaur that you can feed pieces to.  It has a little song it plays and then says "can you feed me?". Every time it asks that, he says NO!
  • @nackie, we have that same dinosaur- so far I think it's the only thing he hasn't said no to yet but that's hilarious! DH likes to yell things back at the "hungry dinosaur" though LOL

    Luke has started saying "nooooo" in this little sing songy voice, it's pretty cute yet sort of infuriating at the same time
  • This thread is so funny. The amount of personality and sass in these little ones is just amazing. 
  • Birdie's new thing is whenever she sees written words or typography, she points and says, "ABCs!" (Or more accurately-AB!
  • I can hardly read a book to David anymore without him stopping me on every page to identify the letters he knows (which are all but J and W, but only capital letters). It's adorable and annoying at the same time.

    He also loves to finish rhymes, so Mother Goose is a huge hit right now. (Old King ___ is a merry old ____ and a merry old ____ was ____; that kind of thing. We also have the book Jamberry which rhymes. He loved it a few months ago but it got stuck at the bottom of the book box for a while. Since Davey LOVES berries I thought he'd be pretty excited to see it again. I read "Under the bridge and over the dam, looking for berries, berries for ___" expecting him to fill in the missing word "jam." Instead, I got "looking for berries, berries for DAVEY!" :) 
  • Brynlee is obsessed with "No more monkeys jumping on the bed." We recite it easily 50 times a day. It's a bit crazy. But she pretty much does it on her own now. It's hilarious. She calls herself a "bad bad monkey," particularly when she's jumping on the couch after we've told her not to. 
  • Is anyone else's LO obsessed with what stuff belongs to who? Lately Rose has been going through every object in the apartment and loudly determining which belongs to mama, dada or Archie (our dog.). I was surprised about some of the detail (she can tell our sets of keys apart and knows that poop bags "belong" to the dog) but I think it's so random that she's obsessed with categorizing everything!
  • @maureenmce YES!!  Harper does the same thing.  I think its the age, when they realize the "mine" and "yours". 
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    @maureenmce Zack does the same thing.  He does frequently claim the dog toys are his though.  Luckily she doesn't seem to mind too much
  • Any funny conversations with your LOs lately??

    Freya has been obsessed with the color purple lately. My husband said to her tonight, "What do you want for dinner tonight sweetie?" Freya: "Purple"

    Also, when we go to the mall, she points at the mannequins with no heads and says "uh ohhh, head"
  • @fishee333 Rose is obsessed with purple too! She asks to see pictures of purple things all the time!

    Funny things Rose has been saying lately - she whispers the names of everyone in the family, creepily, haha. No idea where that came from.  Oh and she started recognizing her grandma in photos and she calls her Hamma, which I think is hilarious. But probably the funniest thing is that she's obsessed with this song called Baby Shark Dance and when she wants us to play it she'll yell "Shart!"' Hahahaha.
  • @maureenmce Gina loves that dance too! Than I get that song stuck in my head all day lol

    If she's in the living room playing or watching TV and I leave to go to the kitchen or bathroom, I hear her saying "I'll find youuuu" lol it cracks me up 
  • A few times now Harper has yelled "go!" when were stopped at red lights.  We also made the mistake of putting on Hocus Pocus for my almost 5 year old SD and Harper now has a love-hate relationship with "mommers" (monsters).  This morning DH had to do a closet check for monsters, but she wanted to wear a monster tshirt.       
  • @KFrob
    We are lucky to be on the positive side of monsters. Birdie associates all monsters with Cookie Monster, even though she calls him, "Cookie." If I ask her what does a monster say?, she says, "Num, num, num."
    I love it. She isn't into purple as the rest of these kids. For her it's ye-yow! (Yellow.) 
    The thing that has cracked me up the most is this. I was singing the Monkees theme song to her, and I got to the part where it says, "People say we monkey around," and she said, "Pee-po say ah-ah around." (Ah-ah is what she says for monkeys, even though she can say monkey." Her word substitutions are so funny. 

  • Samuel is obsessed with blue! He walks around all day pointing out everything blue and yelling blue but the best is his new word... fork. He loves using forks especially adult ones when he’s eating and he will yell FORK FORK FORK or ah fork. The only problem is he doesn’t know how to pronounce fork... so it sounds exactly like he’s shouting the f word. He says “fox” the same way and with all the fall decorations out in stores it sounds like he’s going through the store yelling the f word. Haha 
  • @kaym6 that so funny.  Zack loves trucks and shouts TRUCK everytime he sees (or hears) one.  But it sounds an awful lot like he's saying the f word too.  
  • Brynlee is obsessed with yellow and purple. Her sass knows no bounds though... Lol

    I was running late to my son's speech and was driving amongst every moron known to man, and she decided to repeat "pick a lane,  asshole!" Whoops...
  • @BarrettJ89  My first experience with that happened recently. I said "oh crap!"  and Harper walked around for 5 mins afterward saying "crap, crap, crap".  I was like oh, boy, time to watch what we say!  
  • I can't help but laugh. It was totally my fault. But seriously, the driver needed to pick a lane. 

    Her newest, and slightly more appropriate, phrases are "driving me crazy" and "driving me nuts." She also runs up to me and whines, "oh no! I break a nail! Kiss it!"
  • My husband and I apparently say "it's fine" to each other a lot. I was helping Evelyn with eating dinner last night, and she decided mid-meal that it was daddy's turn. I don't know why it bothers me, but I hate for him to stop mid-meal. So I got upset, and Evelyn looked at me and said "it's fine mommy."
  • Apparently I say “ummmm” a lot when I’m thinking. Kinda like you would say hmmm but I say umm and now Whenever I asked Samuel for example what he wants for a snack he will go ummmm hahaha it drives my husband crazy but I think it’s so cute 
  • Yes @kaym6! We have the “ummmmm” too! Adorable.

    Just today I was sitting on the couch with Evelyn, and she tooted. Without missing a beat she said “excuse you Mommy.” We have NO idea where she got that from! Completely cracked me up. 
  • We went to a Halloween party today. One of the teenagers came out in an inflatable dinosaur costume. Brynlee was TERRIFIED. To the point that she pooped. When I took her to the bathroom to change her, she looks at me, worried, and says, "uh ohhh! Dino make me poop!"

    I laughed so hard, I cried.

    My two year old boy chased that "dinosaur" around saying "so cool!" and "silly dinosaur!" the entire party. Polar opposites. 
  • @BarrettJ89 one is Keaton's favorite is Oh Shit and it's 100% my fault.

    When ever I'm getting mad at Keat and he's not listening I say "Keaton  I said no," so now his new thing is to say "mom, I said please" "mom i said yes" when I'm not giving him what he wants and when I'm doing something he doesn't like he says "mom I said no". 
  • Freya, touching my wedding ring: "Pleaaase. Please. Please."
    Me: "Oh, do you want to wear my ring?"
    Freya: "Wear it" while nodding her head yes
    Me: "Sorry hunny this is mamas ring"
    Freya: "Freya's" while nodding her head "yes" very enthusiastically and pulling on my ring.
  • @fishee333
    Birdie does something similar. Something that belongs to me:
    Birdie: MY pone. (Phone.)
    Me: Mama's phone
    Birdie: MY pone.
    Me: Who's phone???
    Birdie: Mama pone.
  • Your phone conversation went much better than the one I had with zack yesterday.
    Zack: Zacky’s phone
    Me: That’s Mommy’s phone
    Zack: Mommy funny.
    Then he grabbed the phone and ran out of the room with it.  Sigh
  • We took Luke to the zoo for the first time this past weekend and he's been talking about the "big ah-ah" (monkey) ever since then. Today in the car, I was explaining to him that mommy is bigger than him, and he goes "oooh, BIG momma!" ... Not exactly what I want him to keep repeating, haha!
  • So, starting about a month ago, any time Rose does something bad or embarrassing (like accidentally backflipping off a chair and kicking me in the face) she immediately says "Archie did it." (Archie is our dog, lol.) It's like her sitcom catch phrase, it's hilarious.
  • @maureenmce if we ask Zack how that happened when he makes a mess or breaks something, he'll either say Mommy did it or Daddy did it depending on which of us He's talking to.  Once he told Dh that Mommy broke his toy when I was standing right next to him and when I asked if he was sure he responded No, Daddy did it
  • @nackie Yeah, at least our kiddos seem to be very bad at lying at this point, haha. Rose will cycle through all of the pets if we don't buy her "Archie did it" story, even if they're in the other room.
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