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Still Pregnant Check- In Week of 8/15

So many squishy new babies on the board!!
For those of us who aren't due until the end of the month or are overdue...

Just how pregnant are you?


Anything you're looking forward to doing before baby gets here?

Are you doing anything to help encourage labor to get here?

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Clearly we like to rush along at lightning speed...

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Re: Still Pregnant Check- In Week of 8/15

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  • @jadkins2 - I can't believe you're walking around that dilated! Will they induce you once you hit 5?
    @BlackNYellow - Fingers crossed you get to go to that wedding!

    Just how pregnant are you? 

    Pelvic soreness, lightning crotch, insomnia, lots and lots of achy/crampy contractions for over a week

    Anything you're looking forward to doing before baby gets here? Not really looking forward to...more hoping to get done before baby. I have to send out a newsletter and put the final touches on my transition doc for work today, plus we're signing our will, trust, etc. tomorrow morning with the lawyer, and MIL's birthday is tomorrow so hoping baby doesn't come until at least Thursday so he/she will have their own day (and so MIL isn't annoying about it, honestly). Also, I feel like every night I need to leave everything in the condition I'd want to come home from the hospital in which is getting old already.

    Are you doing anything to help encourage labor to get here? Walking at least 3 miles every morning, sitting on a yoga ball, RRL tea when I remember, adding dates to my smoothie. More the "encouraging good labor" things than actually trying to prompt it. Hoping to get my membranes swept on Friday since my OB mentioned I'd probably be a candidate since I'm 1cm dilated.

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  • Just how pregnant are you? 
    37 weeks 6 days
    So uncomfortable. Major heartburn, pregnancy insomnia, and lightening crotch. I'm at home recovering from a stomach bug today. :(
    Anything you're looking forward to doing before baby gets here?
    Dropping DS1 off at preschool... not looking forward to it per sé (I'm a nervous/emotional wreck), but ready to get it over with and try to establish new routines before baby arrives. 
    Are you doing anything to help encourage labor to get here?
    Nope! Not ready yet. I want to at least get through this week. I probably won't encourage labor until 39 weeks.

  • @kvh22  yes they said they would automatically admit me to L&D when I reach 5 cm. iIwould be considered a hazard walking around a 5 cm apparently, but not at 4.5 CRAZY!!!!... haha so praying that I am or my active labor starts soon. This early prodomnal labor sucks!!!! But I do ave an end in sight....My induction is set for August 25 @ 5am if he doesn't come on his own, but good news is I am already half way there so they said either way my labor will be super fast! 
  • What are you still pregnant mamas doing during the day (if you're not done working)? I'm a FTM so I have no other little ones to keep alive, but I'm struggling to find things to do to stay busy. 
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  • @wineanddogs I only have 2 days left of work and I'm basically down to part time now... I've been walking for exercise, doing lots of yoga ball bouncing, cat/cow stretching, watching YouTube videos (mostly labor an delivery stories at this point), and reading Bringing up Bebe. Kinda bored out of my mind here...
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  • I was cleaning, doing stuff around the house but I've run out of things to do there. I have a dog so we go daily to the dog park or the beach. I usually watch a movie in the am to kill and hour or two. I've been enjoying long cool showers in the evening. I've been home two weeks now and I'm over it. Can't wait for Sunday to come. 
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  • My last day of work was today. I have an appointment in the morning to check progress. If I haven't moved my induction is scheduled for next Friday the 25th. So for the week I plan on taking my other two girls to daycare still and cleaning, getting my toes done one more time and just enjoying what little time we have left as a family of four. 
  • Walking and playing with my dogs, watching TV, listening to podcasts, cleaning crap I never ever clean, reading. I've been off work since the end of June, so I'm pretty bored.
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  • I'm still working but I've been making freezer meals and lactation cookies and granola in my spare time. Also, lots of reading (including audiobooks) and some TV - although mostly just DVR'ing things to watch while on leave.

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