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Middle name for quinn

I can't get over the name Quinn for a girl. I have tried it as a middle name for various names but am starting to love it too much and want it as a first name. Looking for somewhat feminine middle name suggestions, with one syllable last name 
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Re: Middle name for quinn

  • Quinn Francesca
    Quinn Genevieve
    Quinn Josephine
    Quinn Amelia
    Quinn Rebecca
    Quinn Jocelyn
    Quinn Theresa
    Quinn Louisa

    I agree it should be a feminine middle name and would balance it with a three syllable name. 

    Also avoid any names of famous queens-- I almost wrote Quinn Elizabeth and realizes how it sounds like Queen Elizabeth!!
  • I would choose a very feminine name for Quinn

    Quinn Alexandra
    Quinn Serefina
    Quinn Meredith
    Quinn Penelope
    Quinn Helena
    Quinn Noelle
    Quinn Rosalie
    Quinn Olivia

    In the middle I just think a longer name balances it out 

    Josephine Quinn
    Miranda Quinn
    Alexandra Quinn
    Caroline Quinn
    Eliza Quinn
    Lillian Quinn

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  • Quinn Magnolia
    Quinn Aurelia
    Quinn Ursula
  • Quinn Amelia
    Quinn Arabella
    Quinn Catherine
    Quinn Claudia
    Quinn Felicia
    Quinn Georgiana
    Quinn Geraldine 
    Quinn Gloria 
    Quinn Olivia 
    Quinn Patricia 
    Quinn Violet
    Quinn Winifred 
  • Quinn Emmeline
    Quinn Lilliana 
    Quinn Valentina 
    Quinn Alexandra
    Quinn Rosalie
    Quinn Adelaide 
    Quinn Juliet
    Quinn Eloise
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