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Progesterone test- anyone else?

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I'm 7 weeks- have had 2 losses in 1st trimester in the past. I have had very light bleeding just today, no cramping, but doctor ordered a progesterone test and 2 hcg level testings 48 hours apart.
has anyone else had this testing done? Anyone been put on progesterone supplements? 
I am researching online but it's always nice to hear from others and chat. Thanks in advance!

Re: Progesterone test- anyone else?

  • Congrats on the new pregnancy! I was on Progesterone suppositories with my last pregnancy. I had to use it until I was 12 weeks. I didn't get any of the side effects. Since I just found out i was expecting again myself I just did my first bloodwork yesterday. But my next draw isn't until Tuesday. Positive vibes for you.
  • I am currently on progesterone supplements 2x daily vaginally. And my Re has ordered hcg to be checked 48 hours apart also.
  • I see this post is old but I can relate. My last pregnancy ended in mc but I had my levels checked right when I started bleeding, the next day and then 48 hours later when the mc was complete. Found out my progesterone was incredibly low. So this time around Dr brought me in immediately for blood work. Tested my hcg and progesterone, then again 48 hours later. Progesterone was low so I started supplementing in between labs, but hcg was also showing on the lower end. Hcg doubled in 48 hours but they wanted another level a week later to confirm it was still rising which it was but not doubling. Drs are taking one more level next week for hcg only as my progesterone is now looking good due to suppositories
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