TTC after 35

Anyone with a DH who underwent TRT? **TW - Child and Loss Mentioned**

My husband had been misdiagnosed as having Low T after our first lo was conceived three years ago. We had zero trouble getting KU the first time around. Like, within days of first trying. He then was put on TRT to go along with his misdiagnosis, and was treated with what we later discovered to be unsafe levels of hormones. Fast forward a year and a half later from the last day of treatment, he has apparently finally regained his levels. We had all but given up on the chance to expand our family. I gave away my maternity clothes and literally two days later had a BFP. We experienced a MC and D&C at 8 weeks and are now WTO. My question is, was it a fluke? Does anyone know if levels that return after TRT remain at a level that allows for reproduction? Does anyone know if the TRT can affect the genetic makeup of future sperm? I'm ready to try again, but scared we'll have another MC due to some chromosomal issue, or that we just got lucky with his SC level last time.
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