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  • @efrey1986 fx. I'm sorry you're dealing with this scare and I hope for reassuring news. 
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    @Sugargirl1019 and @efrey1986 ;I measured small with DS- was consistently at least two weeks behind in fundal height and he was in the 15th percentile in the ultrasound measurements. Turned out that DS was was just naturally small (6lbs 3oz), even though he was born 12 days past his due date. His apgars were almost perfect and he didn't have any other trouble at all! He's still a skinny kid- takes after DH. It's good the docs are keeping an eye on things, and fingers crossed baby is just naturally on the small side!
  • 34 week+4days 

    I just found out yesterday the baby dropped and that's pretty exciting. To be honest this has been one of my best pregnancies. The only issue I have is getting a goodnight sleep. I just be up watching him move around in my belly. I hope you moms have a safe delivery!!!
  • Just found out I tested positive for strep B. I never have before so I'm kinda stressing. This has been a rather smooth pregnancy and I was hoping to keep it that way considering all the other stress I have going on. I did some additional research after I spoke to my doctor and realize I really should not be freaking out but you know....hormones!
  • @efrey1986 That's exactly what they are doing twice weekly BPP/growth scans on me for. Hugs, it's so scary. I hope your LO keeps growing. I'm sure they stressed to you, but baby kicks are even more important for you to pay attention to.
    I'm sorry you are going through this too. I hope all is well with your LO too! I'm definitely making sure I pay attention to the movement which has been non stop and rather painful. I vomited quite a bit last night... I hope that's not a bad sign. I don't know what to think anymore.  :/

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  • Insomnia followed by an insatiable hunger in the morning! Im awake all night and finally fall asleep at like 5am when my SO is getting up. I sleep for like 2 hours and wake up feeling like I could eat someone's face Walking Dead style.
  • @tfrangul I tested positive for strep B with my second pregnancy. I freaked out too of course but it was nothing! All I did was MADE SURE to tell the nurses that I needed the antibiotics for the strep B as soon as I got to L&D and they did the rest!!

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  • I had my 36 week appt this morning and I'm officially 1cm dilated!! I know it doesn't mean too much, but I never did anything with DS. Like nothing until after I was induced at 41+3. 9 more to go ha! 
  • @efrey1986 and @Sugargirl1019 so sorry you're going through this.  You and your little ones are in my thoughts this week. 
  • 34+5 Feeling super run down this week. I have a cold and H has been out of town. I can't sleep and I have bad heartburn. Feeling really crampy today. 
  • @tfrangul I'm GBS positive too :) 

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  • GBS positive over here too. Actually my OB won't even test me with this one since I was positive with my first. 
  • I was GBS+ last time too and was pretty upset because I HATE needles. Plus, it stressed me out timing wise because of how far the birth center was. Otherwise though, with medicine these days it's really not a huge concern. Thankfully the midwifery center here will test even though I had t with my DS. I'd love not to have it this time around... but will survive if I do. Being 15 minutes away versus 45 minutes helps :-)
  • Thanks ladies! I'm feeling much better about it now and especially knowing it can happen to anyone! I called my sister and she had it too. It was just weird for me since I didn't have it with the other two... Then of course I read what can happen to the baby if it gets passed... Lol
    Just got myself worked up for no reason really. 
  • I was also GBS+ last time. Don't know yet this time, but I think I get tested in 2 weeks or something. It really upset me last time, but I realized there was really no reason to get so upset. It's very common and not a result of something you did.
  • I'm pretty sure I passed part of my mucus plug today. Never did with DS. 
  • Just wondering if anyone has woken up to a puddle of liquid but not amniotic fluid? I had this happen to me this morning, called my midwife, they had me go in to the hospital to get checked and the test they did came back saying it wasn't amniotic fluid? The nurse said it could have just been discharge? I was sent home after she checked me and said that I'm not even dialated yet. I haven't had any strong contractions either but while I was at the hospital they did tell me that I was having contractions just not consistent or anything and sent me home.. I'm a FTM so any info/advice anything..? Lol
  • @mandt0917 could it of been urine? Also at times I will have a crazy amount of discharge that is watery so yes it absolutely can be discharge. I have had an abundance of watery discharge this pregnancy. 
  • @mandt0917 It is possible it was just discharge or urine. However their amniotic swab tests are not very reliable either. When my water broke, all four swab tests they did came back as negative. However both my OB and MFM confirmed (via cervical check) that it was in fact my water breaking. 

    It sounds like they did perform a cervical exam on you. And the examiner would definitely be able to tell if your water was broken when they performed the cervical exam. 
  • @mandt0917 I woke up the other night with soaked undies and I thought my water had broken also. Of course I freaked out but I soon realized that it was just discharge and not amiotic fluid. I wasn't having any real labor pains and to me it wasn't enough fluid to count for my water breaking. It's normally ALOT! 

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  • @mandt0917- I had A LOT of discharge with DD. Thankfully, not nearly as much this time, but it was gross and very watery. It wasn't uncommon to soak through my clothes....
  • Thank you all so much for the responses! I did forget to mention that I'm 36w 5d today. Was 36w 1 d when this all happened, if it makes a difference. Up to today everything has been normal, haven't woken up in another puddle and just regular discharge again. Maybe noticing the BH more now but nothing too strong yet..

    @JustBored10- I considered that but it did not smell like urine, didn't smell like anything really, and had a bit of actual mucus/discharge too.
    @JNR6510- They did check me and like I said I wasn't dialated or anything. It's relieving to know that if it was amniotic fluid they would have been able to tell for sure though with an exam, so thank you for that info.
    @efrey1986 & @sarahufl- Yeah I've been having a lot of very wet discharge since around starting my third trimester too up to the point where my underwear have been pretty soaked as well, but this was even more than that which is why it concerned me and prompted me to call. At least I know now, if anything, to expect even more than that, which is kinda scary because like I said I thought that puddle was quite a bit lol.
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