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Weekly Questions...better late than never


Re: Weekly Questions...better late than never

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    @ashhsa when I asked my OB he said the only thing you can do is deliver the baby.  Helpful in February but not so much now lol. 
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    @neener*neener* Yeah I have oily skin too, I shower twice a day also, I always have! And I don't even wear much makeup at all anymore! Unless I go out with DH maybe 2 or 3 times a week (if that) and only for a couple hours! I stay home a lot and even when I go out to run errands and what not I stay away from any makeup, too much effort haha 
    I'm hoping it fades as I enter tri2, thanks for all your tips guys. I may try a new facewash/moisturiser etc 
    @hms1219 Not the same situation as you at all but the right side of my lower back feels like I've pulled a muscle or something and it's so stiff -.- aches when I sit or lay the wrong way, hope you feel better. I got myself a pregnancy pillow and it really helps, I feel so comfortable at night :)
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