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In my last BMB we did a thread devoted entirely to our Furbabies.  I haven't seen one done in here yet!  Let's share pics (and smiles!)  

And perhaps we can also use this as a space to discuss any questions / concerns / tips about introducing our furbabies to our human ones =)
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Re: Furbabies?

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  • @babybluu - my bro had a malamute! She was the best dog - but don't even think about bringing another animal into the house (or messing with any of her people)
  • My two boys, GusGus & Gil, fat cats who stole my heart. Love them like they are my own children <3
  • @GG620, I just love her socks!
  • @stlbuckeye132 if possible, make sure she gets some one on one time with everyone and try to make her feel included. DH would take our dog outside with just the two of them to play Frisbee for a bit. I think she enjoyed some "daddy" time and getting away from the baby. I would take her for a quick walk around the neighborhood while I gave DH some time alone with DS. 
  • @mamaloba816 good idea, thank you!!
  • Okay... the rest of my post didn't post lol. Shay is the bottom picture. She's my rescued couch potato. She came from an abusive home where they were breeding her to make fighting dogs. Such an awful shame :(

    But she is the greatest and she LOVES kids. I cannot wait to see how she is with our little one!

  • I just want to say I LOVE this thread. I don't have anything to post because although we want a dog, it doesn't make sense for our family now. The plan is when our son is old enough to understand responsibility and help a little. So, for now, I will be lurking here and wishing I had one too.

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  • @JBcakes08 Aaaaahh! He's SO CUTE! 
  • @artsyinnd thank you! If you can't tell, he likes to strike a pose for the camera!  :D
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  • Jerome the wonder ferret and my crazy ass toddler. I feel like they both count as wild animals at this stage. 

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  • stardustskiesstardustskies member
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    The fluff is Duchess and the peanut butter is Delilah. My fur babies!! 
  • How did I miss this?! My furbabies are Stitch (14, white fur) and Bolt (8 mostly black fur). Both beagles and funny as they want to be!
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  • @cford08 MH has a soft spot in his heart for beagles. We love that our littlest Shih Tzu roos just like a beagle. Haha! They are cute!
  • @mdfarmchick The older beagle made me a dog person. They are just so much fun!
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  • Omg how did I miss this thread? Our pup Otis is our sweet baby boy. We’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old and he’ll be 5 on Monday. He’s in for a shock come March because he’s totally spoiled but he loves babies and kids so I he’s going to love having a little brother.

  • @blinksmb o.m.g. look at those tongues. 
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