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I stole this from March 

This thread is for pictures from our ultrasounds throughout the next nine months!!!

**If you have an upcoming u/s appointment, please don't tell us here.  You can share that in the weekly appointment thread and/or your ticker change thread to help us keep this one relatively clean.  **

Please check your picture before sharing to make sure that any personal information you don't want to share with everyone is covered up.


  • @mellie5909 Don't forget to introduce yourself on the introductions thread so we can get to know you!
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  • @bumpadmin please sticky!  <3

    Married: August 2014
    TTC #1: February 2017 - BFP 7/28/17; EDD 4/8/18; DD born 4/7/18
    TTC #2: February 2019
  • @BumpAdmin can we sticky this please!

  • @saralee797-2 aww, congrats! How many weeks? 
  • Just 6 weeks today they said @beena722
  • @saralee797-2 this is a pretty baby I'm glad you have you baby 

  • I go to the specal Fétus doctor early at 4 weeks and two days but now I am more than that.  I can't see a baby but the fetus medicine doctor said it is good and the blood Betta is good too.  I go see doctor every other week.  When do I see a baby like your @linds0503 yours is pretty thank you, Maggie 
  • @maggiebakescakes glad to hear everything is going well with your pregnancy so far. Thank you for sharing!
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  • @maggiebakescakes you can see a sac around 6 weeks. But still to early to see the baby. If they do a scan each visit you will be able to see your baby on the 8 week scan. The baby will look a lot like a peanut or bean.
  • Oh that is exciting.  I am going to get a book to help us know what is happening for me and paul.  Thank you all for being so nice.  Thanks, Maggie 
  • A book is a great idea, @maggiebakescakes!
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  • Thank you @bettyvonsomethingstein, I hope you and your baby are feeling great too.  I asked mom about the doctor and she wrote it for me.  I said it wrong it is maternal fetal medicine doctor.  It's different than my regular obgynocologist.  Paul found an online web video that is signing a birth class so I am going to watch that and learn too.  I hoped yku all have a wonderful weekend.  Thanks, Maggie 
  • @mispanda hooray!!! What a great appt! 
  • I had my first ultrasound today. Sorry no picture. She did it on my belly (not transvaginal which I thought was weird) and was able to see a healthy gestational sac. She said I was measuring about 5-6 weeks (I was supposed to be 7 today). She could not see the yoke sac or baby. (Which I was told is normal for 5-6 weeks.) I am having my levels checked and go back next week for another ultrasound. Praying for good levels and more to see next week! 
  • @kimmerann3 that's so weird that she did an abdominal ultrasound with you being so early. FX you get to see more next week and get some good news! 
  • @beena722
    I thought so too. I was even wondering if maybe she could have seen more if it was transvaginal. I will update next week. Thanks for the support. 
  • So jealous of everyone with their pictures!!! I don't get an ultrasound until 12 weeks! And I am dying to see the little sweet pea.. and to make sure there is only one in there!!!! Lol
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  • Thats awesome news!!! No picture??
  • Sorry, I tried to upload the picture but it didn't work. 
  • @TraceeM WOW! That's great news. Did they tell you the likelihood of continuing to carry twins?
  • @MrsMassimilla no they didn't say anything about carrying the twins. We are just taking it one day at a time. 
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