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  • @alweldon86 did they say when you would get results? 
    I should get them by 5 today.
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  • lundlund member
    @alweldon86 FX! There are sooo many normal, non-scary reasons for spotting during early pregnancy! 
  • @alweldon86 Thinking of you and keeping my FX. 
  • @alweldon86 here's to the time passing quickly and the results being good
  • @alweldon86 FX for good results! 
  • Hi ladies, thank you all for the positive vibes and thoughts. The numbers aren't looking good my HCG is only at 228. I retest on  Sunday to see what happens. Its been a hard day for my hubs and I as this is exactly what happened in December when I had a MC.  I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around the fact that this is happenjng again. Thank you to all for listening amd letting me put this out there. There arent too many places to go to discuss what is really going on and have a supportive network of women behind you. :'(
  • @alweldon86 I'm so sorry you are in my thoughts.
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  • Hugs @alweldon86, so sorry to hear
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  • @alweldon86 I'm so sorry girl. <3
  • @alweldon86 So sorry you are going through this, my prayers are with you and your family.
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  • @alweldon86 Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself...
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  • @alweldon86 I'm so sorry you have to go through this.  No matter the outcome we are all here to support you.
  • @alweldon86, I'm so sorry for what you're going though ❤️
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  • @alweldon86 I'm sorry you are going through so much uncertainty.  Positive vibes your next draw is good.  We are here for you.
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  • @alweldon86 so sorry girl. Fx for a good draw tomorrow!
  • Omg guyssss the nausea and dizzy is real. We were couch shopping and I left thinking I had to throw up 3 times and curled up and rested the rest of the time. The stares were real
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  • kmalls said:
    Hey so for those suffering from terrible bloat, are you taking gummy prenatals or the pill form? FWIW, switching to gummies made a HUGE difference for me.

    The bloat was horrendous my first pregnancy when I was taking NatureMade prenatals. It was so bad that when I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks (which is a vaginal ultrasound) I threw up right in the office when the ultrasound tech put the magic wand thing in me (pretty sure magic wand is the official name for that ;)) The pressure of it combined with the pressure of all the gas was excruciating and I just barfed everywhere. It was awful. My OB suggested I try gummies and it was a freaking miracle, the bloat almost completely went away. 

    So maybe give that a shot?! 
    I will love you forever!!! I never had bloat first pregnancy taking gummies.  This time around I though hey I'll try naturmade (they were on sale).  I have not been able to figure out why I have been as big as a house.  No matter what I have done I can not ease the bloating.  I am definitely going to switch back to gummies. 
  • I want to try the gummy vitamins, but which ones?? 

    The spotting is getting old. Im going to call on Monday to make an appointment because this is day 5 now. Its literally like as small as a dime sometimes smaller and usually light brown and only happens once in the evening. Except this morning i had a drop when i woke up that was a more darker brown. It never comes out when i pee or wipe, it is just magically appearing on my pantyliners with no other trace lol. But everytime i see it, my stomach sinks a little bit. 
  • @shea1988 - definitely try gummies, it was almost instant relief for me. I hope it works for you, too! 

    @sjn00 - I've been taking the CVS brand for over 2 years. They taste like candy! And I'm sorry about  your spotting, it's SO normal but such a mindfuck to see. 
  • @sjn00 I feel you girl... I thought the brown/pinkish spotting was over for me but then reappeared last night. Mine is mixed in with my CM and I only notice it when I wipe. Trying not to get too worried about it but so much easier said then done. 
  • @kmalls @JJMNO1616 serious mind fuck. I hope it stops for all of us soon!!! Serious bodies. Enough already! Lol
  • So I am around 5 wks 5 days. I had some cramping in the beginning but have felt totally normal the last 5 daysish. In Fact, sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant. I can't remember when the symptoms started with my first pregnancy but I feel slightly worried that I don't have any symptoms. Anyone else not feeling symptoms yet and freaking out a little?? 
  • @sjn00 I take the vitafusion prenatal vitamins.  They are pretty tasty.

  • Bloating PSA:  I swapped to gummies today on advice of @kmalls.  Lost half the bloat in 12 hrs.  Hopefully the rest will go away over the next couple days.  Seriously if you haven't tried it yet I highly recommend it.  
  • shea1988 said:
    Bloating PSA:  I swapped to gummies today on advice of @kmalls.  Lost half the bloat in 12 hrs.  Hopefully the rest will go away over the next couple days.  Seriously if you haven't tried it yet I highly recommend it.  
    Ahhh thats so awesome!!! I literally just bought a 60 day quantity of vitamins last Monday though! Waaaahhhhh 
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