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  • Hi I'm Jen from British Columbia Canada. I'm not too sure what my due date is yet but I think sometime in the 1st week of April. My first US is tomorrow! Eep! I'm so nervous that it will be bad news even though I've got all the bad pregnancy symptoms. I have 2 girls already that are 8 and 9 from a previous relationship but this is the 1st with my husband so we're pretty excited.  We had an early MC in November last year so it's been awful waiting for the 1st US to see if everything is ok. 
  • Hi, I'm a STM in central Florida. I have an almost 3 yo little girl and got my BFP on 8/16. My EDD is 4/24. I'm a high risk pregnancy (born with a unicornuate uterus) and have already had 4 blood draws and an u/s at 5 weeks. Everything is moving along fairly well and will finally and hopefully see baby and hb at 9/6 appointment. 
    @nelsonjr82-2 welcome! We are EDD buddies! Come join us on the Tuesday ticker change board  :)
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  • @mikkimikey congratulations! Such a happy surprise! 
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    @minnesotachristina I'm in the same boat as you!  My youngest turns 9 the day after my due date. I feel like I don't remember anything. 
  • I'm a FTM from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. I'm 10w2d and found out I was expecting on Aug 3rd. This is going to be our rainbow baby after an early loss in March. My husband and I are over the moon excited, as are our families. We got to see our little sticky bun at 8w6d and had our due date of a April 3rd confirmed!
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  • Hello! I'm a little late to the game posting my intro! I got my BFP on Aug 7. My EDD is 4/13. I have a May2012 babe, my rainbow baby is Jan15, and my fur baby should be here at the end of September. 
  • Hello Bump! My name is Randi. I am due on April 16th! I had to leave the February 18 group because of a MC, so hoping this one is just as fun. This will be my second child :) 

  • Hi! I'm a second time mom from Buffalo NY. I'm sure on April 8th, and couldn't be more excited! 
  • Hello! 
    I am a first time mom and my little one will be here April 9th. Afraid and happy at the same time!
  • Hi!
    My name is Natalia. I'm 7w5d today, yikes! EDD is April 22nd. I will be a FTM! I'm super nervous, waiting for my first ultrasound in a week to make sure my little peanut is healthy
  • tinosm said:
    Hello! I am pregnant for the first time after struggling with infertility. I got pregnant via IVF. My due date is April 24th. I am excited but also nervous! 
    Welcome and congrats! There is an 'ART mummies' thread if you are interested.
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  • STM, I have a one year old son and we we're really planning on adding a second nugget to the family for about 2 more years. Apparently, the baby fairy was in a giving mood. EAD is April 26th. I live in NH, I'm 30. If everything stays ok this will be our last child as well.

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  • Hey All! My name is Eden from suburbs of Chicago. I'm a FTM and DD is 4/7/2018. I'm 28 yo. DH and I have been together since age 15. married since Sept 2013. Super excited... but also terrified haha. 
  • @esteege2 I'm from the burbs of Chicago as well!!
  • Hi all! Second time around (daughter is 20 months) and due April 13th. (Yes, Friday April 13!) I am a corporate attorney from Michigan. Looking forward to everyone's anecdotes and tips. Didn't join last time until after baby was born. Morning sickness taking me down this time so far. 
  • Hi ladies! Ftm here due April 3rd. We got our BFP on July 21 after trying for 3 cycles. Husband and I are newlyweds living in OK!
  • Yay, @hmsmama17! I'm also in OK!
  • Hello everyone!  My name is Stephanie and I am due on April 2nd with baby #3.  I am 30 years old and I've been married for 7 years.  I am an RN currently working full time and going to school for my BSN.  I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old.  I live in Illinois about an  hour from chicago.  I still keep in close contact with my December 2011 bump Mama's so I am excited to meet all of you and hopefully gain some new friendships!  Congratulations and a happy, healthy pregnancy to you all!  
  • @Radishes I live in a small-ish country area outside Chicago too :smile:
  • Wow can't believe how many people are on here! I'm from New Jersey and I work in diagnostics. I am sad to miss ski n hot tub season this year due to this bump but thrilled about meeting the baby in just a few months! 
  • Hello(: I'm going to be a STM from Indiana. A day before I became full time at work again, after a year plus on being part time with my 18month old, I got my BFP Aug 26
  • @CD720 yay! A local mama! We live about 30 minutes outside of Buffalo 

    Me (33). DH (37). DD (2.2012). MCs x4. After 4 years & 7 months, due 4.2018!

  • Hello! I'm not sure why, but my introduction never showed up here. This was brought to my attention quite recently. 

    I've only been on the boards a short while, because it's only been a few weeks since I found out that DH and I are expecting. I'm in my late forties and had tested for ovulation for over six months, and pffffft. Well, turns out I was still fertile against all odds.

    I have an 18 y.o. DD, an 11 y.o. DS, and a 10 y.o. DD. I live in the mountains of Northern California, and work from home. My husband is much younger than I am (he's not bio dad to my others), so this is an exciting turn of events for us . . . we didn't think we'd be able to make a baby together.

    I feel so lucky and, yes, very surprised to find myself here! 
  • esteege2 said:
    Hey All! My name is Eden from suburbs of Chicago. I'm a FTM and DD is 4/7/2018. I'm 28 yo. DH and I have been together since age 15. married since Sept 2013. Super excited... but also terrified haha. 
    Best name in the world ;-) That's my daughter's name! <3
  • Thanks! I've always loved my name, too. I'm sure your daughter will love it too!
  • Hey all!!! I am 31 and a STM I work full time. My DS is 1.5!! I got my BFP on September 6th and my EDD is April 28. I live in northern Ohio and I'm terrified to have this baby because one is hard enough! I practically take care of him alone because DH works 2nd shift so we only see him on Saturday and Sundays that is if he doesn't work!!! I'm excited to get to know some more ladies I was in the Dec. 15 group and loved it we all stay in touch on FB and they are the best!
  • #3 due April 5. Two boys already, 5 and 4. If anyone wants to make a FB group, I'm in because it's just way easier :)
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  • and I completely forget how to update all the sticker/ticker things....

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  • and I completely forget how to update all the sticker/ticker things....

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  • Hi all! I'm a STM from Washington State.  I have 2 step kiddos,  18 and 20, DH and I have and 7yo DD together. We tried 2 years ago for about a year without any luck, so decided to just let the idea of another go.  This little surprise is due 4/16. 
  • Hi everyone. I've been a member of The Bump for a while now so felt it was about time I introduced myself. I'm 23 years old and expecting baby number 1 on April 10th 2018 which puts us at 10+5 today.  Everything seems to be going ok so far so looking forward to our first ultrasound on the 27th September to make sure baby is doing well. 
  • @knottie325f8c6b410d37a0 Welcome!

    Just a suggestion, but to make you stand out from the other knotties, if you want to, you can got to theknot.com and change your username. Log out and then back in at the bump and it should take effect.

    FX for your first ultrasound!

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  • Hello I am 8 weeks 6 days with  my second child. My son turned 2 in may. Estimated due date is April 24 2018. Excited to join in on the conversations.
  • Hello! After lurking for quite a while, I'm ready to introduce myself.  I'm a 4th grade teacher in Washington state. I'm 33 and have been with my SO for 2 years, although we went on our first date 15 years ago when we were freshmen in college at UW. This is my first pregnancy. I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow and have an EDD of 4/16. Looking forward to chatting with ya'll.
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