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Ten Things Tuesday! 

Share ten things (or less!) that are on your mind... long or short, baby related or not!

Re: TTT!

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    @kitandcat, my first appointment is also August 24, and I'll also be 9w4d!!! We can be miserable together while we wait the next 4 weeks!!
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    Racso12Racso12 member
    edited July 2017
    @crossfitbabybump #8 girl get used to it now that you're pregnant. You'll be getting everyone's expert advice and opinions.

    EDIT UGH the bump ate my ENTIRE post. 
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    @wisewitch222 I'm a PA girl too... yay for no tax on essentials!
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    @barrelocarol check it Fluff Love University for all things cloth diapers including detergents, stripping, etc. 
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    @justkeeptrying omggggg that is an awesome coincidence!!! We can keep each other sane... because I'm definitely going insane with anxiousness!!! :)
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    @LiveNLove44 I love that poem. I stared at my DD and cried the other day because I realized she wouldn't get all of my attention anymore. It's bittersweet.
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    @mamaloba816 #2! Yes!! We baby proofed our entire house in columbus... cabinets and drawers, attaching all the furniture to the walls, covers on all the plugs, special attachments to the stove and fridge and etc... and then we moved!!! AAAHHHHH I currently have two dining chairs in front of my stairs instead of a baby gate. I don't want to do it all over again! WAAAAHHHHH! Ok done wining :-) 
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    kitandcatkitandcat member
    edited July 2017
    @kalawa #10 why hasn't someone invented something where I can put my clothes in a washer and they will then automatically go into a dryer and then fold themselves? I mean, hello! It's 2017!
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    @kitandcat on that note - how haven't they figured out a cure for MS ..... its 2017
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    kalawakalawa member
    @kitandcat SOs? Hahaha PSYCH!!
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    @vflux33 good luck tomorrow!! I'll be sending positive thoughts your way!! :) 
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    scotiagirlscotiagirl member
    edited July 2017
    1. I kicked ass at work today. I work as a Dietitian in a Diabetes Centre and I was able to convince a doc that NEVER takes our advice to perscribe a new treatment for a patient that really needed it.  Even the patient was shocked that I was able to sway the stubborn doc lol.  Definitely was a great feeling!  

    2. My 2yo DD was a major handful when I got home.  A stubborn toddler is much harder to manage than a stubborn doc!! Lol. 

    3. I've been having bad hair days since day one of this pregnancy . I bought and took my pregnancy test right after a hair appt last Friday as my long time hair dresser asked if I was going through any hormonal changes.  Such oily hair!  

    4. I've had tons of energy this week (only on week 4) and I'm dreading the crash that I know will be coming.  

    5. I'm going to an outdoor concert with DH and some friends on Friday night and I know we will see tons of people we know.  Dreading having to hide all night that I'm not drinking. 

    6. I am a Dietitian but doesn't mean I'm always a healthy eater! I got into this cause I love food! 

    7. So gassy already :( 

    8. I love my job but wish we had it in our budget for me to work less. 

    9. I miss beer already.  

    10. I am looking forward to maternity leave naps!  
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    @LiveNLove44 that poem perfectly describes a love for a second born child! 

    Here are my ten:
    1) OB called yesterday and said I have a uti. I had a uti in the first trimester with both of previous pregnancies which I find strange. 
    2) I have a US on August 10th and I'm kind of pissed that it's not sooner lol. 
    3) My 2 yo son has the manliest farts I have ever heard from a child. 
    4) They smell just as bad. 
    5) I think my cat knows I'm pregnant. Usually she likes to lay alone. Now she won't leave me alone. She constantly will walk across me and put her butthole in my face. 
    6) My kids watch the same 4 movies over and over again. It's driving me insane. 
    7) My H works 12 hour night shifts, I like it because the bed is mine but hate it because I also want him home. 
    8) I. Hate. Doing. Laundry. 
    9) I want to buy maternity clothes but I'm afraid that I'm going to get ginormous again and nothing that I buy now will fit later. 
    10) My ass has already doubled in size  :'(
    DD born August 17, 2010
    DS born October 13, 2014
    Baby #3 due March 2018

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