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Pregnant after IF check in 7/20

Happy Thursday!

If you would like to be added please provide your due date, how many, diagnosis, and gender or if you don't want to know. I'll put a ? On things we don't know yet. If I miss you, I'm sorry, please page me and write it clearly for me to see! 

@SunflowerMama428 2/1-1 bean- Dx: pcos/blocked tube -(boy/girl)?
@Zoey1019 2/1- 1 bean- Dx: MFI- (boy/girl)?
@Mgaulrapp 2/1- 1 bean- Dx: MFI- (boy/girl)?
@Amel1985 2/5- ?- Dx: pcos (boy/girl)?
@Anna_1021 2/6- 1 bean- Dx: unexplained- (boy/girl)?
@MrsJ2410 ;2/7- 1 bean-Dx- Low AMH- (boy/girl)? 
@akaye40_7 2/7- 1bean- Dx: unexplained, MFI- Team pink!
 2/8- 1bean- Dx: blocked tube, secondary infertility- (boy/girl)?
@jensjourney 2/8- 1 bean- DX: unexplained IF w/ RPL- (boy/girl)?
@LadyMillil 2/9- 1 bean- Dx: dysfunctional uterine bleeding, low AMH, MFI- (boy/girl)? 
@LydRussell - 2/10- 1 bean- Dx-?- (boy/girl)?
@cmbendos 2/14- 1 bean- Dx: endometriosis, single ovary- (boy/girl)?
@mamajenna_cnm majenna_cnm 2/15- 1 bean- Dx: SSC growing a family- team blue!
@eggplantface 2/16- 1 bean- Dx:MFI/unexplained IF- team blue!
@babybro218 2/16- 1 bean- Dx: unexplained IF- team green
@meglw99 2/18- 2 beans- Dx: PCOS, MFI- (boy/girl)?
@diesel11111 2/22- 1 bean- Dx: unexplained IF- (boy/girl)?
@RaeleenD 2/27- 1 bean- Dx: PCOS- team green

Alright ladies how are we feeling? Any appointments this week? Rants/raves or concerns? Let's hear them

QOTW: If you had unlimited funds to build a house that you would live in for the rest of your life, what would the finished house be like?

Re: Pregnant after IF check in 7/20

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    Happy Thursday! I officially "graduated" from my RE last week and I'm having separation anxiety. This week will be my first without an ultrasound. My next ultrasound with my OB isn't until 7/31 and the wait is already killing me. I've started weening off of the estrace and PIO and will stop completely after Tuesday. My only real symptoms at this point are sore boobs and fatigue (although that could be from the heat?), and occasional nausea, so the weekly appts really helped me to remember that everything is going well.

    On Sunday I have to go away for 3 nights with my husband, his boss, his boss's wife, and a few of their family members. They are very nice people, but it would be awkward without trying to hide the fact that I'm pregnant. Any advice???
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    @babybro218 congrats on "graduating"! My go to when out with people (I assume you mean drinks-wise) is ginger ale in a champagne glass. I don't know if its been fooling people, but it looks pretty close to the real thing. 

    AFM I am feeling ok, DH has been gone for two weeks and has one week to go, and then we go to my NT scan next Friday! Just trying to be patient and positive. I have been dying to start buying stuff for the baby, and have satisfied that by making registries (secret for now). 

    Oh man, we have been looking for a house forever and will probably still not move until after the baby is born. A nice sized contemporary/ A frame/ post and beam house with a big fireplace and a woodstove in the (huge) kitchen, on 5-10 acres. A pond and a big vegetable garden and some fruit bushes or trees. Chickens. Angora bunnies. 
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    Hi ladies! No appt for us until 2 weeks from today... I'm trying to not think about it but it seems forever away!

    The exhaustion is real - my son is getting so fast crawling and I'm having trouble keeping up with his energy. When I'm not working I am napping when he's napping - but he's decided he wants to not nap as long any more. Noooo!

    If funds were no option I would love a big old Joanna Gaines style farmhouse. Industrial, rustic, cozy goodness!
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    ;) Hello!  TGIF!  I am 10 weeks this week and for some reason that feels like some sort of accomplishment...I guess BC it's closer to second tri than last week was lol. MS is still kicking my butt, but I'm noticing that now it's some days worse than others rather than consistently on a daily basis.  I'm sure some of you have seen my weekly symptoms post but recovering from an ear infection which has definitely been a struggle.  This week has been busier than usual at work so I've literally been dragging ass.  

    I honestly have have gone through so many style phases that I can't pin my particular dream home...all I can say is that it needs a huge kitchen.  My family tends to gather in the kitchen during occasions and it makes me feel claustrophobic...so a huge kitchen is a must in my dream home to accommodate all the bodies and my ability to cook a scrumptious meal  ;)
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    I'm glad it's the weekend! I'm 8w3d today and had an US on Tuesday where everything looked great. Now I have until 8/1 for my last RE appt at 10w. I'm trying to stay calm but it's not working so great. *tw* my first mmc was at 9w, so this next week is a big hurdle for me. Plus, I've had a little brown discharge which I logically know is nbd, but it still freaks me out a bit.*end tw* I just want this next week to fly by. Other than trying to keep my anxiety at a manageable level, everything else is going well.

    If I had unlimited money, I would just do some basic remodeling of our house. Im very lucky to live in a great sub for families in one of the best school districts in the state. (My husband and I are planners) I just wish our house didn't have so much late 90s brass and forest green accents.
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    Hey all

    i lost two pounds at my appointment. I haven't changed my eating habits other than being nauseous and getting full faster so that looks like a good sign to me. (Im overweight so I can lose weight and still be healthy for the baby) I had the NT scan. Baby was snuggled in a ball and wouldn't cooperate which was fine with me. More time with the babes. We did get a scan all though it was upside down. 

    QOTW: I would love an updated modern farmhouse with a big kitchen and wrap around porch. I would love an ash tone natural wood and grey theme through out the house. Enough land for animals and gardens 
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    Hey @SunflowerMama428 I'd love to be added to the thread.  We have one due on 2/18 - MFI - and we will find out the gender!

    I have an appt on Friday morning with my OB! Not sure what to expect, but I had a good experience with my nurse visit at 8 weeks so I hope that feeling continues!  I am so ready to be done with progesterone. I've been on the suppositories since the end of May and I am so over it!  Obviously super grateful that I have them and they're keeping my baby healthy, but  I will be happy to say goodbye to them for a while! 

    QOTW: I would love a large, modern but classic row home. In a nice neighborhood with good schools where we can walk to pretty much everything we need.  Ideally would have a small, but manageable yard and porch area.

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    I am 10 weeks now! I started taking diclegis week 8 because of nausea and sickness. It has helped so much and has helped me sleep better too. I go to my RE every Wednesday. The twins were great at 9w3d with hbs of 174 and 178. I go back this Wednesday and I also go to my first regular OB appt on Friday! 

    QOTW: I would live in a one story large farmhouse with a lot of shiplap and white. It would basically be like a house on Fixer Upper. I love Joanna's style. 
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