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3rd Trimester Check In Week of July 17


Re: 3rd Trimester Check In Week of July 17

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    Congratulations @Kp214! I'm so glad he hasn't needed much intervention. I hope your healing is going well and that the stay in the NICU is short and uneventful. 

    @oxinfree Super relieved that Beau decided to get back to wiggling reliably for you. Those movement scares are never fun. 

    Thank you all for your kind words and support re: the glucose test and me feeling sorry for myself. I think after battling IF, any additional challenges along the way feel extra tough. As for work, it sounds like I need to start taking cues from @JWatt5. I'm not good at saying "no", even when it means I'm going to end up drowning in assignments.  
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    ARB425ARB425 member
    @kp214 Congratulations OB your new arrival.i know you were hoping he'd stay put for a bit! Hopefully a short nicu stay and I hope you are healing welll!

    @emilye13 hopefully your 3hour test is negative for GD! From my research the 1hour test only detects GD about 65% of time, the rest are false positives. Did you fast for the 1hour? I know there is conflicting info as to whether you are supposed to fast or not. I opted an early AM test and fasted, I only passed by a few points! A friend of mine had hers in the afternoon, ate a light lunch, 2 hours later had the test and failed by a few points. Did the 3 hour test fasting and passed with flying colors. Start saying no at work, I know it's tough but your body and mind will thank you! No extra stress is needed for you and the baby!
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    @Kp214 Congrats on making it as long as you did before delivering your son! Hopefully his stay in the NICU is short and as uneventful as possible. Keep us updated!

    @oxinfree As @JWatt5 said, it's scary but several of us seem to have gone through the same type of scare around the same time. Glad he's back to his old activity levels!

    AFM, had my weekly ob appointment today and heard I'm negative for group b. Really happy about that! It was the last "hurdle" I had to clear in my mind for pregnancy. It also means my ob is okay with me not getting an IV of fluid started when I get to the hospital. I'll get the IV started, but don't have to be hooked up, so I'll be able to stay more mobile.
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    Kp214Kp214 member
    Thank you, everyone. Julian is doing great!  His NICU nurse yesterday, said she thinks he'll be moved to the progressive unit in a few days, that's a step down from intensive care. She thinks he may be there a month, but probably less. He's doing really well.  

    Apparently to everyone of the nurses in L&D and in NICU, my C section was well known. I found out I lost two pints of blood thatbiad ro be replenished, that everyone is surprised at quickly I've been able to get up and move around, and that my bladder was knocked during the c section. I really think I need to get a copy of my records. DH and our families were left in the dark for awhile about how Julian was doing. Finally, they let DH know he was ok. Then, no one would tell them about how I was doing for another couple of hours. I'm glad we are all ok, but it really upsets me about how little communication there was with my family while I was under anesthesia. 
    Me:32 DH:36
    Me: DOR, poor egg quality, MTHFR
    DH: MFI
    TTC since 3/2014
    2015: 3 IUI's-BFN
    12/2015: 1st IVF cycle-(9 follicles retrieved, 5 mature, 3 fertilized w/ICSI, transferred 1 excellent and 1 good embryo on day 3)-chemical pregnancy
    3/2016: 2nd IVF cycle- canceled (3 follicles retrieved, 3 mature, all fertilized w/ICSI, 1 fragmented, 2 arrested) 
    3/2016: RE suggested donor eggs- taking an ivf break and to supplement 
    9/2016: 3rd ivf cycle-cancelled due to early ovulation
    Oct./Nov 2016: 4th ivf cycle- EPP-AFC:5, retrieved 10, 10 mature, 8 fertilized with ICSI, 6 blastocysts biopsied and frozen. 3 CCS normal embryos
    1/9/17: transferred 1 embryo-BFP 1/16
    1/18/17: beta #1-104
    1/20/17: beta #2-174
    2/2/17: first u/s, heartbeat of 107 at 6w1d
    7/20/17: baby boy born at 30+3 via emergency c-section 

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    @Kp214 I'm sorry that you haven't had very good communication. Definitely get a copy of your records so that you can understand everything. Would your ob be able to help you go through everything or are they not being helpful with communication too?

    So glad to hear Julian is doing great!
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    @Kp214 glad to hear Julian is doing great!! Very sorry for everything u and ur family went through. U should definitely get a hold of ur records. I don't know what protocol calls for in that situation but I too would be upset over their lack of communication. 
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    @Kp214 Congratulations!!! I'm glad to hear that Julian is doing well  :) I hope you get answers to what happened from your doctors.
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