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Tantrum Tantrum and more Tantrums

Guys, Gina's tantrums are at an all time high. It's ridiculous. She throws a fit about EVERYTHING! She's on a kick where she wants me to sing hush little baby and if I don't sing it she flips out. If I don't pick her up to look at our fish tank, yet again she flips out. I don't know how to handle the tantrums. I tried ignoring it. How are you guys handling it? 

Re: Tantrum Tantrum and more Tantrums

  • Keaton is the same way. He throws himself on the floor over EVERYTHING. I've started putting him in the same spot everytime he does it and then ignoring him. I don't think it's really helping cause it's still all the time, not much help but your not alone! 
  • I try distraction and if that doesn't work (which is often) I just walk away and do something else. It sucks but he generally calms down and moves on. The fits are worse lately but I thought it was just because he has had ear infections.
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    Harper is also upping the tantrum game.  Her's are more a lot of whining which is so annoying.  She's also cutting her 3rd and 4th molars, coming off of some sickness Dr thought might have been a mild hand, foot and mouth, and suddenly out of no where is having separation anxiety and shyness she's never had before.  I'm trying my best to stay patient and calm, explain the situation and reason behind it to her, and not lose my cool.  Its hard guys!  I haven't seen any improvements either but I'm thinking long term there will be improvement.  I think we're in the high point of tantrums. 
  • Distraction works much better than ignoring. Remember that synapses are firing faster than they ever will again--twice as many as an adult. I know I can barely contain the way I feel right now, so I can only imagine what my daughter is experiencing. It's a lot for them to process. If distraction doesn't work, I choose my battles. Is it easier to humor her for 15-30 seconds before going back to what I was doing? Then I'll do it. When distraction doesn't work, I don't ignore. I just sit near her, and tell her when she's ready, I'm there for a hug and a kiss. We started something when she's angry that seems to work a lot, too. She was hitting when mad, and I've gotten her to hug herself tight around the middle and then throw her hands out and yell, "Mad!" It's like she can throw the angry off of her. (Can't take credit for this. I read about it somewhere.) We can curb 90% of all tantrums with these tactics only as long as she stays on her sleep schedule. If she's off, all bets are off, and let's hope a popsicle helps. 
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