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Swinging newborn side to side too hard?

My 3.5 week old DD was being held by a friend of DH and crying because she had some trapped gas. This woman held DD straight out in front of her (while supporting her head) and swung/whipped DD's whole body from side to side a few times hoping it would make her stop crying.
I've been worried sick all day that she may have damaged DD's brain. While it was not a violent shaking, it certainly was not a gentle rocking either.
Could this cause shaken baby syndrome? DD has been very extra sleepy for the rest of the day and not quite as interested in feeding as she nornally is but not exhibiting any other signs of SBS. DH thinks taking her to the hospital to be checked out unnecessarily will put her at greater risk as she is very young and does not have much of an immune system.

Re: Swinging newborn side to side too hard?

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