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Late Baby Shower

Hi all, this is my first pregnancy and I just wanted to get a few opinions on baby shower timing. My mother-in-law threw a wonderful shower for me in the beginning of June, right around the 32 week mark, and it was so much fun. I was able to visit and mingle and felt great (even though I ditched the cute wedges pretty quick!) It was separate from my side of the family as there was some conflict when my hubby and I were planning our wedding ...that's a whole other beast.

Now, my dilemma is this: as with my wedding last May 2016, my own mother has shown little to no interest in my pregnancy or anything about her granddaughter up until a few days ago when she and my dad got back from vacation. They were happy to throw money at a bedroom set, not shop for it with my husband and me, just "tell me how much and I'll give you the money." Gee thanks for buying the furniture, do you want to see what we picked? Nah..... Now all of a sudden she wants to "have a little something" bc this is HER grandchild and it didn't seem to occur to her that the date she picked will put me at almost 38 weeks. I'm already starting to feel more drained as the days go by, harder to do too many things without frequent breaks, and I'm a nurse, so I'm beat at the end of my shift. I was considering asking her to wait until after the baby arrives, but then again, I don't want my brand new baby being passed around a room full of germ infested relatives....My husband thinks I should just suck it up and let her have the shower, even though I'm bound to be uncomfortable and possibly irritable..... Anyone have some advice on this type of situation? Thanks so much!

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  • I would just go to the shower. Hopefully you can sit the whole time. It's better then once the baby is born and everyone wanting to touch/hold her.
  • We have an entire thread dedicated to questions about showers and some similar questions to yours. I will tag you in it. 

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  • I would do it. I get that there are family complications, and i know how unfcomfortable the end of pregnancy gets, but surely it cant be that hard to put on a happy face and be nice for a few hours? - my disclaimer
    is if they are expecting you to do absolutely anything except just show up and smile then maybe dont do it. We can all find it in us to suck it up for a few hours when all we need to do is sit on a couch and eat some
    treats, but actually doing something is a diferent story!
  • Thanks, I posted there
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    bumpybump said:
    We have an entire thread dedicated to questions about showers and some similar questions to yours. I will tag you in it. 
    She went off and posted in the bumps baby shower board lol 

    @LarraO2530 she just meant on our board we already have an on going discussion about baby showers on our board. Bumpy even tagged you in it :)
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  • Oh, I log-in from my phone so I don't always get the full alerts/tags etc I would see logging in from a desktop. I was on TheKnot for the wedding too and those were usually totally different boards people suggested... I found one I thought  was it...,oops.
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