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  • Congrats @krrpe99 and @maureenmce! So exciting-- and fun to share a due date!
  • @tfrangul congrats. What a beautiful angel.
  • @tfrangul Congratulations!!! She's adorable!
  • Wonderful!! Congratulations!
  • @tfrangul Congratulations!! My second is now 6 weeks and I am tandem nursing too. We may need to compare notes. Learning how to nurse them at the same time has been a lifesaver for me. I also sing a song to my older son when time's almost up so he knows it's coming-- he'd drain me dry otherwise! I've really been thankful to nurse them both. I hope you enjoy it too and congrats on your new little girl!
  • Congrats! 
  • @mamadcb so yesterday and the day before my son went crazy and nursed sooo much! Like 3 times more than normal. Yesterday afternoon he started throwing up. No fever, no signs of being sick. We came to the conclusion he was breast milk sick. He didn't get any all night until 5am this morning because I was going to burst otherwise and hasn't had any since and is doing fine....idk how much longer he will nurse now. On the up side he has made sure I have an over supply and after feeding the baby a couple times this morning I still pumped 9 ounces! 
  • And thank you everyone! Having 3 kids and 2 under 2 has been very busy. I am very routine and I think that's the only thing keeping me sane! I had no idea my heart could love my 3 babies so much!
  • Should probably update this here I suppose -

    Unfortunately we found out my pregnancy was non viable - there was no growth past 6 weeks and no heartbeat. I finally finished miscarrying over the past couple of days (the process was so much longer than I thought it would be - ugh.)  Anyway, we're super sad we won't be having a sibling for our LO yet, but I'm hoping we'll be able to have a healthy pregnancy soon.  Sad I won't be due date buddies with @krrpe99 either!  But wishing happy and healthy pregnancies to all the Jan mamas who are pregnant again and hoping I'll be posting here again soon, but with a better outcome.
  • So sorry @maureenmce. Hang in there girl. 
  • I am so sorry @maureenmce. That sounds exactly like what I went through in April. It's just devastating. 
  • So sorry for your lost! @maureenmce
  • Thanks for the support Jan mamas, it means a lot.  <3
  • So sorry to hear about your loss @maureenmce and agree with you the length of the whole process was rough and unexpected for me too...  Hoping for positive news in the near future!  Big hugs mama 
  • KFrob said:
    I got my BFP on 10/27!  I've been checking out the July 18 BMB and so far it just makes me miss you guys!
  • @KFrob CONGRATS!!! 
  • @KFrob Congrats!! I got my bfp on 10/29 and joined the July 17 group... we're exactly a year apart! What is your due date? Mine was 7/13 but he was born 7/21. We found out the sex a few days before Christmas and shared the news with everyone then. Ahhh your news is making me walk down memory lane a bit. What a great year it's been and you have ahead!
  • Thank you everyone!  @mamadcb ; My due date is 7/7, but since Harper came a week early I'm thinking this one might be a June babe.  I was trying to hold out until my first u/s to tell family but we're thinking we'll share the news at Thanksgiving.
  • *TW loss*  
    Add me to the losses.  We found out after my pregnancy confirmation appointment when I got my blood work done that my betas were very low for my gestational age.  We had a follow up blood draw to confirm that the levels were barely going up.  I started to spot on Saturday, had an u/s Monday and was only measuring 5 weeks with a weak and slow heart beat.  I knew in my gut since the beginning something wasn't right.  Things seem to be slowly progressing on their own and I'm thankful that it seems I won't need medical intervention.  We're trying to keep a positive out look, be thankful, and are looking forward to trying again soon.          
  • Oh no I'm so sorry @KFrob. The TTCAL board is a great, supportive group of ladies if you're up to joining. They have really helped me with my loss and my journey with trying again. 
  • Thank you all 
  • @KFrob I'm late to see this, but I'm sorry too. It sounds like you are staying positive but I'm sure you're hurting. Hugs from California. 
  • @KFrob I'm so sorry fon your loss. Sending loves your way.
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