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I know that a few of us here have gotten pregnant again since our January babies, just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing? How's your January baby reacting to your pregnancy or new little one. 
Right now I'm 33 weeks with another boy and it's been a pretty easy pregnancy. Keaton is clueless of what's going on, he will lift my shirt and cuddle my belly and if you ask him where big brother is but he will lift his shirt and point his belly. I am stressed about having two little ones do close but like everything else in parenting I guess we will figure it out as we go =)

Re: New baby

  • I'm 38.5 weeks! Getting close. Davey knows where baby is (in my belly) and who his brother is ("Baby"), but of course he really has no clue what's going on. We did get him a little baby boy doll since we're expecting another boy. At first he had no interest in him at all but in the last month or so he wants to rock him in the Rock N Play, give him kisses, pull him through the slats of the crib, etc  :) But he does seem to understand that babies need care and diapers and love, so hopefully that will translate somewhat. Fingers crossed!
  • I'm 33 weeks, and my son is clueless! He is obsessed with my belly but could care less if I  talk about baby! I am nervous too!
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  • kaym6kaym6 member
    I am 28 weeks! Samuel will point to my belly or his and say baby. If we ask him where his sister is he will go up and snuggle my belly or kiss it or more often attempt to dig in my belly button haha he has no clue what's going on really though. We also got him a little baby that he has recently started hugging and kissing sometimes so that's cute! 
  • Oh fun! I'm 16 weeks! There's actually quite a few J16 mama's in the D17 BMB! DS will point to my belly when I say "where's the baby?" But so far that's the extent of his understanding! I love the idea of getting a baby doll for him, @mamadcb!
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  • 31 weeks and Ramsey has no idea. Lol He LOVES babies though. We are all ready for her to come that's for sure. I mean she needs to cook longer but we are all pretty excited to meet her. I'm a little nervous about having 3 kids with 2 under 2 but I know it will be fun! Since I have a history of going  2-3 weeks early we are getting all the last minute room changes taken care of and it is all so real! Congrats to all of you other Mama's! So many of us having babies this year!
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    Is anyone still breastfeeding? We only nurse before bedtime and I had plans to wean but now that I'm in my third trimester and thinking about actually doing it it's making me sad and nervous! 
  • @kaym6 same boat as you. I'm in my 3 tri and still nursing only at bed/nap time. I was determined to ween a couple weeks ago and quickly realized that my 18 mth old was NOT ready. So I will more than likely be tandem feeding and I'm ok with that now. If you look at the plus side it's burning even more calories! Lol
  • Congrats everyone! I'm 12 weeks, due Jan 2018. There's a good chance they'll share a birthday! I was just telling LO about the baby the other day, and yesterday, she randomly pointed to my belly and said "waaah" (that's her word for baby lol, just the sound of a baby crying). Then she brought her baby doll over (she has been obsessed with her baby doll lately) and seriously tried putting the doll in my tummy. So I put my shirt over the doll, and LO seemed satisfied. It was pretty cute/funny. 

    I'm a long ways away but the 2 things I'm stressing over are 
    1) Do I get a second crib or will LO be able to handle a toddler bed so that new baby can get her old crib
    2) Would they be able to handle sharing a room? My house is an old awkward craftsman house, so they either share a room or I need to move my room to our guestroom which has no closet, and one of the babies will get our master bedroom. 
  • @fishee333 we just got Ramsey a twin bed, I don't like the toddler bed thing and he LOVES it!! The new baby will be in our room for a few months then she will be moved in with her big sister. I honestly don't see a problem with 2 littles sharing. Our oldest is just begging us to let her baby sister be in her room. Lol
  • 10 weeks here, so another January baby, and LO has no idea that his poor little world is about to be rocked. We are moving back to the states from overseas when I'm 22 weeks, then we have to find a house and settle in all before the new baby gets here. Holy moly! It's a little stressful, but we are looking at it as an adventure. For now, we are planning on keeping LO in his crib as he shows no interest in climbing out (knock on wood) and I don't want to rock his world any further. We completely weaned him about 3 weeks ago, and it went much more smoothly than we expected. At that point it was really painful for me to nurse him as I wasn't producing anything and he was just comfort sucking on an empty boob. Ouch! So glad we made the transition when we did. 
  • @kaym6 I wanted to keep breastfeeding but my milk supply dropped so much when I got pregnant nursing just pissed Keaton off cause he wasn't getting enough so we gave up at about 13 months, I'm glad you were able to keep nursing! 

    @fishee333 Keat is on a twin size mattress on the floor he slept with use for a few months during our move so he didn't want to go back to a crib or toddle bed and he does pretty good. There isn't anything in his room other then his bed and a bean bag chair so he can't get up and play.  We have two rooms but we are keeping one as a play room and ones the baby is sleeping through the night we will put him in the same room as Keaton. I would rather have them share =) 

    I'm glad you moms are all doing good, we will have to keep up to see how are January babies are doing as big brothers and sisters! I'm so excited to see Keat with his new brother it will be hard at first but it will be fun for him to grow up with a brother so close in age! 
  • @kaym6 I am still nursing Davey 3-4 times/day. I know my supply has dropped (and it's basically colostrum now) but since I don't pump anymore I don't really know specifics. My approach was to let him decide when he's done, and he has hung on to nursing through it all-- so it looks like we'll be tandem nursing soon!
  • kaym6kaym6 member
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    @tfrangul @mamadcb that was going to be my approach when I got pregnant was to just let him decide when he's finished nursing but so far he hasn't seemed to have lost interest in the short session before bed. I have no huge need or overly strong desire to stop nursing him before bed I was just concerned if he was still nursing when the baby comes if he would then want to start to nurse all the time when the baby nurses? I have done no research on tandem nursing a baby and a toddler so maybe that's a good place for me to start before I decide if I want to attempt to drop the feed or not! Glad to know I'm not the only one considering tandem nursing! I just never pictured myself doing it... I'll have to do some reading to get more educated on it! 

  • @kaym6 I tried to continue nursing, my goal was his 2nd birthday, which would be about a month after baby comes, but my milked dried up at 10 weeks and he was getting super passed at the boob so we switched to homo milk. It was really sad and I felt SO guilty, but having freedom from nursing has been nice!
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  • @babybluu Congratulations!
  • Well unfortunately it looks like it will not be happening right now for us after all.  Still very excited for all of you expecting a new loved one and wish you and the January 2016 sibling all the best in this adventure.
  • @juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm so sorry, sending you hugs <3
  • So sorry to see this news, @juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I wish there were more I could do or say. 
  • I'm so sorry to here that @juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I just went through that myself. 
    Hang in there and hold your little one tight! <3
  • @juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm so sorry. Hang in there.
  • @juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and @krrpe99  I'm so, so sorry.  Big hugs.
  • Thank you all for the kind messages of support.  It helps and means a lot!  And @krrpe99 so sorry to hear you also went through such a thing recently.  I hope you are feeling ok and wish you a smooth recovery.  It's not a fun experience, but definitely one that reinforces the gratefulness and amazement I have for my little Jan 16 bundle of joy.  She has recently started to give hugs and kisses and they could not come at a better time! 
  • Congratulations @Apthor02! What exciting news :)
  • We just lost our baby as well, at 16 weeks.

    Congrats @Apthor02 , I am truly so happy for you. 

  • @fishee333 so sorry for your loss. @Apthor02 congrats! Mine turned out +ve this morning.
  • @fishee333 Oh no, I'm so, so sorry.  16 weeks must have been so hard.  Big hugs to you.

    Congrats to @Mamapema and @Apthor02
  • Congratulations mamas!

    @fishee333 so sorry. Hang in there girl. 
  • I'm so sorry @fishee333  That sounds so awful :(

  • @fishee333 Ugh that's awful, I'm so sorry 
  • Thanks mamas, it's been really sucky.
  • Congratulations to all of you newly expecting mamas! And I'm so incredibly sorry for the losses some of you have experienced. There are really no words, but please know I'm thinking of you! 
  • So excited for all the future mamas.  Can't wait to hear about new arrivals and reactions from the J16 siblings.  
    Sorry to hear that more of us have experienced losses.  Hang in there !  You are not alone and we are in this - the tough and the good - together.  Sending supportive thoughts your way !
  • Congrats @maureenmce.. very exciting! 
  • @krrpe99  Ahh!  Due date twins!  Congrats!  :) Did you go on, before or after your due date last time?  I had to be induced at 41.1, delivered at 41.2.  Hoping to go earlier this time, but who knows?
  • I was induced at 40+3. But I would have gone at least another week (according to my calculations based on ovulation.)  Apparently my placenta looked a little calcified, so we induced before labor started. I was ready to not be pregnant any more!!! I imagine this time will be the same (because I'm old
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