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January 2018 Moms

Weekly Symptoms Thread: 7/1-7/7

How are you feeling? How's pregnancy treating you this week?
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Re: Weekly Symptoms Thread: 7/1-7/7

  • @scatteringashes Miles is my maiden name. If this LO is a boy I wanna give it to him as a middle name. 

    Im exhausted. I can't get enough sleep during the day and at night insomnia kicks in. It's like a cruel joke.  I feel most energetic before noon and it's all down hill from there. Around 3 pm is when nausea starts. 

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  • @CANTW82BMOM Amusingly enough, Miles' middle name is his grandmother's maiden name. She was one of two sisters, so my ex-husband got her maiden name as a middle name, and we passed it on down to our son.

  • Still tired, breaking out, and now I'm starting to get headaches almost every day. Nausea was mostly gone until the last couple of days.
  • @steph30032 yep! Mornings are good but the bloat is insane by evening 
  • I'm with you @CANTW82BMOM I start becoming nauseous around 3-4 pm and it doesn't go away until about 8pm. These past couple of days I get severe headaches during that time, and I feel so hormonal and sick.
  • @steph30032 @gusgus14 OH yeah. The bloat is unreal as the day progresses. I've been tempted to post a morning pic and an evening pic just to show everyone the difference!
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  • Anyone else still have the vanishing belly? I'm a STM and at 11w1d and I wake up with a flat stomach and go to bed looking like I have a balloon stuffed up my shirt. Lol
    Yes, totally!
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  • I keep waiting for the 2nd trimester "nausea goes away" thing to kick in. I still fell totally fine until I eat, then I'm nauseated for hours afterwards, it's super annoying! My energy is coming back,  I almost feel like a normal person energy wise! 

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  • Anyone else still have the vanishing belly? I'm a STM and at 11w1d and I wake up with a flat stomach and go to bed looking like I have a balloon stuffed up my shirt. Lol
    OMG yes!!! And of course I pick work clothes when things are normal but by 3 pm I look like I'm 16 Weeks. :'(  I have to hide in my office in the late part of the day and carry papers in front of me to go to the bathroom.   :#
  • I am still exhausted !! And my boobs are killing me, way worse then they have been . I'm 11w4d. I forgot my morning sickness bed before bed 2 days ago and I felt like death all day ! Even on my medicine I throw up at least 2 times a day . I just hope it goes away in the second tri unlike DD ... I am terrified I am going to throw up every single day until it arrives .
  • Ughh the smells still get me! I also have to eat the second I wake up then about an hour later or I'm miserable! 
  •  You guys, this heartburn! I seriously thought I was having a heart attack the other day! I have hg so everything is a little worse. I had 2 good weeks then it came back full force. I went back to the hospital and hopefully it will be under control again.  
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  • Ever since I got pregnant, I've been super congested. Had this issue with my first pregnancy too. Seems so weird to me. I just want it to go away! Anyone else congested? 
  • @steph30032 I'm pretty congested too. I use a neti pot every morning and it makes a big difference. 
  • I'm feeling way hungover today. I even slept good last night, had a big breakfast this morning.
    The evening bloat still kills! I finally gave in to some Gas-X last night and it was amazing. I'm so glad I did because I was able to fall asleep without an issue. I don't even think I woke up to pee, which lately I'm up at least 3 times due to the bloat pressure.
  • Nausea is so close to being gone but yet so far :/ it's for less time during the day but when it comes it seems even more unbearable since it's almost gone!!  Blehhhhhhh!! I just want to complain to somebody about it lol!
  • I almost passed out driving into work today. I had already eaten, so it wasn't that. It felt like my head was a balloon and I started to get tunnel vision so I frantically pulled over and sat for a few minutes. It was really scary. I'm at work now, but I'm calling my midwife as soon as they open.

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  • @missblaze Let us know what they say! That is so scary. Glad you're ok!
  • @missblaze that's good to know. Thank you for sharing:)
  • @missblaze i'm so sorry! I always get crazy light-headed when pregnant, but thankfully never in the car.  that's so scary! I hope everything is okay!
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  • @missblaze glad to hear you're ok  :o a couple of days ago I got really lightheaded while giving DD a bath, I can't imagine feeling that while driving though. Thank you for passing on what the nurse said! 
  • @missblaze I am glad you are okay! I had this while making dinner the other night and it made me so nauseous too...no bueno! :( 

  • @missblaze thanks for the update!
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  • schazeschaze member
    @missblaze so glad you're ok! That's so scary.

    @steph30032 I was really congested with DD. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything that helped :(
  • @missblaze So glad you're alright! I about passed out too, I couldn't make it to the house fast enough. My eyelids were SO heavy so I truly don't know what happened. This morning I fell asleep 3 times at my desk.

    Brighter note: I cleaned, cooked, did laundry, watered flower beds, FOLDED laundry, went to parties/cookouts, had a girls morning, got my eyebrows waxed and shopped all on Saturday and Sunday! I'm slowly creeping into 2nd trimester, thank God! I can feel my old self getting back to normal lol, went to said cookout and was ready for the onslaught at 6pm.....IT. NEVER. CAME. I grabbed a plate of heaping fruit and just kept eating because I was so hungry. Not once did I feel the urge to lay down, hurl, or pass out. Last night? Same thing.

    Darker note: Every smell starting last night has me weak, doubled over, gagging. The nasal congestion that @Steph30032 was talking about hit hard last night into this morning. I gagged over the kitchen sink a few times and ran to that trash can. BIG MISTAKE. So many smells. Here's hoping this passes. :\

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  • So stabbing but sorta dull pain in upper ground area toward the left- is thag rount ligment pain. Mostly happens when sitting. I don't like it lol. 
  • Upper groin area*
  • EagsEags member
    @arzrocks I have horrible 2nd tri headaches. My dr called in fiorcet with my last pregnancy and just last week for this pregnancy. If they won't go away, maybe ask about what other options you have. 

    Nausea is is starting to go away but not totally. I'll have a good day followed by a bad day. Headaches are ramping up. Still so very tired! And I'm pretty sure I'll be constipated for the entire pregnancy. 
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  • @missblaze Glad you are ok! That sounds so scary!!

    I hate to even complain bc so many of you have it way worse than I do but I do have a weird symptom I wondered about. Every afternoon and evening (progressively getting worse all eve) I have this ache in my mid-abdomen. It feels like it's in between my rib cage and my belly button. It doesn't feel like cramping or hunger. Its just a weird pain/ache. Anyone know what I'm talking about? 
  • @Eags my headaches have been off the charts! At my appointment next week I may ask for the fiorcet...thanks so much for the heads up. I thought I just had to suffer!

  • @missblaze the water in the morning is great advice. I make a habit of waking up and drinking a full glass of water first thing. It helps a lot. 

    I am am happy to report that I actually don't feel terrible today. I'm 12+2. I still feel slightly yuck and tired but I was able to clean my floors today and eat somewhat decent. I still don't have a very good appetite and my energy level isn't too high but it's a nice reprieve since I threw up as recent as Wednesday and then spent the next two days fighting a headache. I am a bit crampy feeling right now which I haven't had much of. So I'm resting for the evening. 
  • I finally feel like I have energy to run errands again - today, I finally got my oil changed (it was 2 months overdue), shopped at Target, finally got a new trashcan, cleaned the floors/bathroom/dishes and did not take a 2 hour nap. I still have a bit of nausea in the mornings before I eat, but no where near as bad as before. I do find that I have headaches and a bit more irritable.

    @Eags & @jaclyn0405 Glad to know I am not the only one getting these horrible headaches! I have resorted to my heat pad on my neck and it seems to help.

    @missblaze Good to hear that you are ok - so scary that it had to happen when you were driving!

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  • I forgot to share this, I went to the baseball game on Friday despite not feeling so hot but I figured I could sip a sprite for some relief. Instead I had my husband get a frozen Minute Maid lemonade and it was great. I wish I had some of them when I was really in the throes of nausea. It was not that sweet and reminded me of the relief you get from drinking lemonade. If you are feeling crappy still try one of those. 
  • Anyone having ankle swelling? Went for a pretty long hike on the weekend and in the evening on Sunday my right ankle had doubled in size. Didn't really hurt it was just strange. It's now almost back to normal and I have been drinking lots of water. 
  • @ottergirl81 yes my ankles and feet swell on occasion. They usually go back to normal with a little rest.
  • My hips are killing me today  :(
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