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  • lulu1180lulu1180
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    @zwink1 If you're talking who I think you are then the answer is yes to both


    "It's time to try defying gravity."

    Me: 38  DH: 38
    Married 6/11/16
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    12/2016 RE appt; 1/2017 SA & HSG results - all normal
    3/2017 Dx Hyperprolactinemia; 5/2017 Prolactin levels normal; 8/2017 Low Ovarian Reserve
    8/2017 TTA for personal reasons; 10/2017 NTNP; 12/2017 Re-start TTC
    7/2018 Clomid+IUI
    11/2018 Letrozole+TI
    12/2018 Letrozole+IUI
    2/2019 NTNP
    5/2019 Stopping all TTC efforts; living Childfree
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  • @beanship @icecubeinthedesert @lulu1180 I also hate calling places.

    @msmeeseeks I'm with you on not liking chatting with the hairdresser.  I really don't like making small talk with people - especially when they are "working" on me.  I got a mani/pedi last night - finally - and i just sat there in silence because my manicurist wasn't initiating anything and neither was I.  It was soooo awkward. 
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  • Me: 30 // DH: 30
    TTC #1: July 2016
    BFP - Sept 2016 // MC - Sept 2016
    TTC #1 (version 2.0): May 2017
    BFP - Sept 2017 // EDD - June 2, 2018 // DD born June 6, 2018
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    @icecubeinthedesert So our dog is a mutt who is definitely part chihuahua and part rat terrier, but we also think she's part dachshund because she's so LONG. She's brown (and named Rosie), but DH started joking that she looks like a hot dog bun. So we started sometimes referring to her as "the bun" or "Miss Bun", and now she responds to "Bun" or "Miss Bun" as well as "Rosie" :D   

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    @beanship, lol, that's hilarious. Our dog also responds to pugs, pugsley, puggy, shaboopie (ala Music Man), munchkin, girly girl...

    Me: 30 | DH: 31
    Met: August 2006
    Married: July 2012
    TTC #1 since June 2016


    BFP: 7/12/16 | MC: 9/12/16
    BFP: 1/18/17 | MMC: 2/13/17
    BFP: 10/7/17 | EDD: 6/21/17

    MTHFR: homozygous A1298C
  • @msmeeseeks Yeah we also have a seating policy. It ends up working for us because his right ear is the good one and I'm left-handed so him sitting to my right just feels right. We met in a bar and he was on my left side trying to chat me up so hard but he couldn't hear anything so he just kept turning his head and saying "sorry?" and I kept thinking what is this dude's deal? Do you end up telling people a lot that you're deaf in that ear? He does, but I don't think people understand that the surrounding noise really fucks with his ability to tune in. 
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