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Who owns a doppler?

How far along when you were able to find the heartbeat on your own? I totally forget how low I'm supposed to go?!

Re: Who owns a doppler?

  • schazeschaze
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    Hey @LHC2011! We've talked about this a few times in various threads-maybe try reposting in the concerns/questions thread? You may get more responses than in an individual thread.

    But I will page @EmilyLove25 for you because she's the doppler queen!
  • Oh awesome! I searched Doppler and didn't see the topic yet! I swear I'm not a newbie
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  • schazeschaze
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    No worries! I know it was a couple weeks ago. Hopefully those mommas can jump in and let you know what worked for them.
  • Mine is in the mail and should be delivered tomorrow. If I figure it out, I'll let you know! I can't wait!
  • I have one from my last pregnancy. Personally, it made more freakouts, and ER visits due to my freakouts, than happy times for me. I had an anterior placenta and am overweight and between the two it took a very long time before I could find the baby in my doppler. This time I try it weekly but I go in telling myself that I probably wont find anything and to not be upset because I know how it went last time.

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  • 12 weeks before even trying it is the general rule of thumb. 
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  • EagsEags
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    I own one and used it for DS and now with this one. I can't remember when I found DS, but I found this one at about 8.5w. It took patience and stopping and trying later. That early in the game you just have to understand that you probably won't find it. And when you don't, don't freak out. I've used it about once a week and it gets easier every week. The last time was Sat at 11w4d and I found it in about 4 min. 
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  • I'm 13 weeks and still can't find the heartbeat with mine. However, the doctor couldn't even find the heartbeat with their doppler at my last appointment. They had to give me an ultrasound. He said its most likely because I have a tilted uterus. Just saying that so that you don't freak out if you can't find it. There can be many reasons. 
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  • Thanks ladies! I used it during my first two pregnancies, but just couldn't remember when I started to be able to find it regularly. Of course, google tells me from 10-14 weeks...and I'm only 11.5 and haven't been able to find it yet. I'll use all your tips and try again next week :)
  • I have one.  Both of my previous pregnancies were twins so my uterus was out of my pelvis much earlier than my singleton pregnancies and I was able to find/hear heartbeats easily.  My OB tried around 9 weeks this time and couldn't even pick up my uterus sounds yet so I'm giving it a couple more weeks.  I've never used it for more than a few minutes at a time, every few days.  If I can't find the heartbeat in less than 5 minutes, I try again later or the next day.  I haven't done extensive research, and have no interest in debating the topic, but I have read a couple articles that prolonged use and a high rate of frequency isn't recommended.  To each, his own though and everybody has to do what feels right for them.  
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  • I'm 12 weeks now and was able to find the hearbeat today when my Doppler arrived three times! The first was the longest and then it only took a few minutes the other times. 
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