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Nanny Issue

For the past several months, we have had problems with our full-time turned part-time nanny (e.g. consistent lateness, refusal to listen to directions, last-minute scheduling changes, etc.). We told her that we wanted to "transition her out" at the end of July for someone full-time and have had an employment end date scheduled for the past three months. Today, three weeks before she is supposed to stop work, she told us she wants to take the next week off because some friends of hers are in town and she wants to entertain them. I find this last minute request strange and unprofessional, and my intuition is to tell her that, if she decides to take the week off, then we should just push her end date up. Does this sound fair? Is there a way to frame the discussion so she doesn't think we're firing her? We'd like to leave on good terms if at all possible. 
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