HDBD 6/28 — The Bump
September 2017 Moms

HDBD 6/28

I haven't seen this today! Let's see those growing bumps!

Me: 27 years old            DH: 27 years old
Type 1 Diabetes since 2001, MTHFR hetero A1298T
Dogs: Raider 4 yrs, Dex 4 yrs
Married in July 2014
TTC #1 since late Feb 2016
BFP #1 3/29/16     MMC: 5/5/16
BFP #2 7/6/16    SCH, D&C 8/4/16
BFP #3 12/26/16     EDD: 9/6/17
My Chart / My Diabetes/Pregnancy Blog
My Type 1/TTC/Pregnancy Podcast: 
Juicebox Podcast Episode 118
1/12/16 6.7%
5/25/16 6.0%
11/2/16 6.1%
3/22/16 5.8%
4/27/17 5.4%
6/13/17 5.3%
"Sugar Fancy Tutu"

Re: HDBD 6/28

  • @bnmort8 ouch!!! I actually got a tankini this year because of that reason. 
  • coffee-2 is that one of the Latched Mama tanks? Do you love it?

    @lexibelly I've been wearing compression stockings when the restless legs get bad for me. It doesn't fix it completely, but brings it down to a dull roar.

  • 27+2  :) 

    (sorry for the cleavage shot, this is my bump's best angle)
  • It's actually an Old Navy too but the same principle as the Latched tops. I've been meaning to check them out as well. I like the style but it is a bit obvious that it's a nursing top over my breasts. 
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