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GTKY: Birth Plan

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So it's probably a little early for this but I'm throwing it out here anyway, just for fun. 
I know at the end of the day, all we care about is coming home safely with our baby, BUT, what's your basic plan for labor? 

GTKY: Birth Plan 99 votes

I'll be having a c-section
10% 10 votes
I really really want a birth without pain meds (or homebirth)
19% 19 votes
I'd like no pain meds but I'm open
27% 27 votes
Just give me an epidural already!
43% 43 votes

Re: GTKY: Birth Plan

  • @GraceUponGrace09 I loved my epidural last time. Best experience ever. I did end up having a c-section, and I'll be a repeat c-section this go around, but I was so happy I went in knowing I wanted that so I didn't feel bummed when I got it early. haha

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  • I've had two great experiences with epidurals. I honestly couldn't imagine it any other way lol. My second I was induced, was in labor for all of 5 hours and I still couldn't imagine doing that without an epi!   I'm amazed at people who go med free. I know I couldn't!
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  • Planning on using Hypnobabies without epidural for my VBAC.

    I use Hypnobabies!

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  • It's a tough one. I've done it both ways (epidural with my first, natural with my second). Overall, I much preferred the natural birth and the recovery was amazing. I'm curious how a third labor will be compared to the first two. 

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  • Induced VBAC with an epidural, just like with DS2. I actually dilate faster/more once I have an epidural so I'll probably get it soon after the induction starts this time. 
  • I will be getting an epidural again. I waiting until my water broke before getting one with DD. I think because I was induced and everything went so fast is the reason why my water breaking felt like someone knifed me in the gut. I was in tears asking for my epi. Everything after that was great. Best part I didn't feel it when I got stitches.
  • schazeschaze
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    Epidural please and thank you! I labored with pitocin for 31 hours with DD before I caved and got oh-and she still wasn't born until 12 hours later. I had a great experience with the epi, so definitely getting it again.
  • with twins I will be starting with an epidural and may possibly have a C-section depending on the positioning of baby B...

  • I would like an unmedicated birth unless they have to induce me, in which case I will probably get an epidural. But no induction unless necessary is what I would prefer
  • EagsEags
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    With my 1st, I was "epidural now, please!" but we ended with an emergency c-section. With the surrogacy, we decided to just do a rcs due to my failure to progress (never made it to 10 cm - only 9 - pushed for 3 hours at 9 cm with the doctor "lifting the lip of my cervix to make it 10 cm). Plus, it was easier on me knowing what the recovery was like and easier on the IPs because they knew exactly when baby would be here. My OB gave me the option to VBA2C this time, but I declined. We still don't know that I'll even make it to 10 (my mom never did either and I was a section and that was 30 years ago when they were less common). Plus, I'm familiar with the recovery this way. 
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  • With DS, I had no plans for meds. I was able to handle the contractions until I wasn't :smile: At the time they said I was at a 6, so I asked them to prep me for the epi because getting to 6 felt like forever and things started to get really intense. By the time I got the epidural, I was at 9 cm. They didn't check me so I had no idea I was at a 9 and in transition. He was born 15 minutes later.
    Looking back on it, I wish that I knew how soon he would be coming. With this birth, I'm going to try to go without the meds now that I know what the stages are like, but I won't be afraid to give in either.
  • My epidural with DS didn't work great and I ended up having a c-section in the end, but I'm still going to try for a VBAC with epidural this time unless the doctors advise against it.
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  • Ended up being induced with DS and managed to go without meds the whole time. I did ask for some IV meds to take the edge off during transition, but by the time they got them into the room I was already at a 10 and ready to push. Oh well. I learned that a birth plan is just a plan and not everything works out, but your nurses, if they're good, will try to do everything they can to get you the birth you want!
  • With my first I was prepared for an unmedicated birth but it ended up being a CS, and she was 9lbs. The hospitals where I live do not perform VBACs, and if I wanted to push it I would have to go 2hrs to San Diego to try. With an unproven pelvis, what will probably be another large amazon baby, and this being my last pregnancy, I've accepted the decision to have a RCS. 
  • My birth plan with DD was to just get her here safely. I wanted to try "Med-free," but I also know I have a VERY low tolerance for pain. I made it to a 6 before I was begging for an epidural. I was out of control, and couldn't calm down. And let me tell you, that epidural was the most glorious thing ever. I plan on the same with this birth, but again, whatever gets this baby here safely is my plan! 
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  • @PleaseSendPicklesNow I chuckled too when I saw "birth plan" a my DD's delivery was not something I would have ever planned. 

    That being said, I will hopefully be delivering in a hospital and will labor med free as long as my body will let me. I'll get an epidural if/when I need it. 

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  • @PleaseSendPicklesNow lol good birth plan, and oh so true. 
  • My birth plan is the same as my first birth: get epidural when I'm ready, all medical interventions are okay if needed, healthy mom & healthy baby, go home when medically cleared. Done. 
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  • schazeschaze
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    Same on the birth plans. I didn't really make one with DD, but I wanted to try to labor med-free. I still tried but it went for so long and pitocin sucks so much so I went for all the drugs.
  • I'd like to try med free this time. With my son I had to be induced with pitocin and my body progressed at a snail's pace so I ended up getting an epidural after a nurse told me I had 10+ hours to go and I was in a lot of pain at that point. I kinda had a love/hate thing with the epidural- yeah it works great for pain relief but I felt claustrophobic with not being able to move my legs, it kinda freaked me out. I'd like to be able to move around a bit this time so we'll see what happens! 
  • I made it to 8 cm before I got the epidural last time. The doctor scared me into it. She said I'm going to break your water and the pain is going to get a ton worse, it's now or never. It only worked on half of my body and Inwas managing the pain on the side I had feeling. 

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  • I'm a ftm but the thought of pushing a baby out of my bits with no meds scares the holy bajeebus out of me. Lol. I would like ALL of the drugs please. I give tremendous props to those of you who have done it without or are planning on going without. 
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  • With DD1 I had to be induced and I got the epidural.  With DD2, I went into labor and I progressed so fast I lost my window for an epidural and barely had enough time for a spinal.  With this one I am expecting a fast labor and mentally preparing myself that I may have to do it med free.  If I get the choice again I'd do the spinal.  The epidural was too much for me and I was numb for hours afterwards.  With the spinal it started wearing off as they were stitching me up, but I was walking around shortly after.
  • kelk5kelk5
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    @huskymomma94, what was it about the natural birth that you preferred?

    I'm a FTM and haven't researched all the possibilities for labor yet so I appreciate everyone who is sharing their experiences. Where do y'all recommend looking for information on the different medication possibilities with labor. Some people mentioned nitrous oxide and I haven't heard of that.

    So far all I know is that I don't want to be cut but I've heard I really won't have a choice and may not know it happened till afterwards.
  • @Ready4theParty could you please help this naive FTM understand the difference between the spinal and epidural? Thank you!
  • trudytudytrudytudy
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    @kelk5 I asked my dr about an episiotomy and he said they just let you tear usually but I'm sure that is Dr discretion. You should ask your Dr about their preferences on interventions and such.

    I didn't have an epidural with either of my deliveries, although with my second I felt like I needed one. By the time I felt like I couldn't do it anymore, she was born in less than 5 minutes. The upside to no epidural for me is the 'no needle in the spine' which is really scary to me. And of course the recovery. I felt fantastic afterwards. I got my IV out quickly and got to shower about 2 hours after she was born. Maybe those benefits aren't worth the pain but I had really fast labors and I was glad to avoid any of the potential risks of an epidural. I haven't put much thought into a birth plan for this one. The thought of giving birth again is kind of ugggggg, at least I will get my baby then. 
  • kelk5kelk5
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    Thanks @trudytudy that is very helpful to hear your experience. That sounds like a pretty good recovery if you were showering  two hours later. I hope your next labor is fast as well.
  • @kelk5 any medical interventions done (unless you can't make the decision, ie your unconscious or something) they have to relieve your permission. When I was worried about an episiotomy with DD my doctor reassured me it was an outdated practice that they don't like to do if necessary. When you get ready to push your doctor should have there fingers down there stretching you out. In my case I had a second degree tear because I pushed so hard and she came so fast (my body didn't have time to stretch out all the way).

    DD also had to have an internal heart rate monitor. Everytime I had a big contraction her heart rate decelerated. The nurse explained to me what they wanted to do and that they would attach it to her head. But I still had to give them permission to do so.

    I got a lot of info at my birthing class. The lady even showed us all the medical interventions that were possible. So I knew what the internal heart rate monitor was and wasn't afraid for them to do it.

    Hope that helps you.
  • mauera07mauera07
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    @kelk5 when I got closer to being due with DS I had to watch an educational video on pain relief methods, but I'm sure not every office does that.  I also had to sign a paper early in my 3rd trimester that stated they had permission to do any kind of intervention necessary. I ended up getting an episiotomy without knowing, but I'm pretty sure that's really rare. I would definitely make my wishes known beforehand once you meet the doctor who will be doing the delivery. 

    Eta: sorry don't want to freak you out. I just wish I was vocal but I was so ready for the baby to come out I would have agreed to anything. And for me the episiotomy really wasn't bad at all. Regular ibuprofen after delivery was more than enough to handle it. 
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  • @maueraa07 I'm sorry that happened to you. I work for a large Hospital chain and that goes against everything I am familiar with. Way to take the patient out of patient care. Hoping you get everything you want this time.
  • @burnsmommy27 my baby girl had to get the internal hr monitor too. I was only in active labor for 1 hour and 2 minutes and went from dilated to 5 to baby in arms during that hour.  My contractions were making her HR drop too. The part I didn't like about it was that my midwife broke my water in order to get her the monitor to the baby. My contractions became much more painful for me. But my midwife was great. She explained it to me, got my consent and even warned me when I asked if it would be more painful. Maybe the upside was that breaking my water may have sped up my labor, it was over not long after. And most importantly my daughter was being cared for. 
  • Planning a natural birth. I really don't like the idea of not being able to move or even stand during labor. And then not being able to walk after for a while and having to have a catheter.... I tolerate pain pretty well so I'm hopeful. Going to have a doula and will be delivering at a hospital that's known for their natural birthing options. 
  • @mamayogini3 I'm so glad to see another planned home birth mama on the board. This will be my first home birth (third unmediated) so I may pepper you with questions!
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