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Baby shower woes

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So my mom & sister are throwing me a shower together. They're already stressing me out. I'm the early bird planner in the family so wish me luck. Anyway, my sister keeps stressing that she only invited 10 people to her shower my mom threw her and her friends threw her a shower. That's all great and dandy but none of my friends have offered and I'm due October 8th. There are about 35-40 people I want to invite and there's no guarantee they'll all show up. On the other hand, inspite of not knowing how many people are on my list, my sister keeps pressuring me to keep my list small. Plus my mom and sister are very dramatic. I don't know what to do at this point. Any suggestions?

Re: Baby shower woes

  • Well if your mom and sister only feel comfortable hosting X amount of people, then X amount of people is who you get to invite.

    While I understand that just because you invite someone doesn't mean that they'll show up...what if they do? What if you end up forcing your sister and mother to accept invites for 40 people and 40 show up? It's not very fair of you to force them to shoulder a financial responsibility (or space, or anything) that they aren't prepared to do. After all, them throwing you a shower is a GIFT, not a requirement!

    I could see how feeling like you need to cut down your list could be stressful or maybe make you feel sad, but try to see them throwing you a shower as a gift of goodwill. Maybe just keep their shower to a family shower and hope that a friend offers to throw you one later? If you'd like, you can host an informal gathering either pre- or post-baby (not a shower, just like a BBQ or what have you to celebrate and see everyone).

    Until then, if they say 10 people then it's 10 people. Period.

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