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  • Visiting from WTO :)

    @thisnthat314 --so impressed that you ran the Boston marathon!  What year did you run it?  I'm a big runner and I actually lived in Boston for graduate school.  I think it would be neat to train for it one day, but not sure I'm fast enough. 
    @charlestonchew --what field of study would you pursue for your master's degree?
    @mdfarmchick --did your DH/SO end up buying you another test?  (following from yesterday's post)
  • @dukestar5 yes but I'm not testing again until Friday after I've officially missed. 
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  • @mdfarmchick --I would probably do the same.  All the tests mess with my mind because I second-guess the results. :/
  • purplg8rpurplg8r
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    @vflux33 oh yikes!  That's a really tough spot to be in!

    eta it might help to tag the person I'm talking to!
  • @justkeepswimming8 thanks! I never thought about checking for discounts (runs off to twitter). seeing the symptom thing would be huge when looking back at old charts.

    @ksmcclary keeping fingers crossed for you that its just a sign of good things happening in there.

    @muggle621 don't get down yet. you still have good timing!

    @purplg8r sorry about the bfn :(
    me:35 DH:34
    DS: born oct 2012
    TFAS: BFP #1 aug16. miscarriage sept16
              BFP #2 nov16 MMC dec16. d&c jan17
              BFP #3 sept17  EDD 5/31/18
    fingers crossed for our rainbow baby
  • Month/cycle:  5/3

    CD/DPO: 25/11

    Timing: good

    Typical LP length: 15 days

    Testing:. 2bfns today.  I am indeed BSC. I am trying not to feel too discouraged, TW I got my bfp with my loss on 12dpo, end TW.

    R/R: DH just doesn't get it.  He isn't accepting that we are dealing with infertility, since we are so early in and have 2 kids.  He just keeps saying there is always next month.  I explained to him how clomid in only used for 6 months over and over again.  Rave, we have donuts so I can eat my feelings 

    CS/Q: none

    GTKY: What are 3 things on your bucket list?

    This is a hard one.

    Visit Rome,
    Find our forever home
    Take our children to WDW.  ( DS has ASD it's too hard right now)

    @purplg8r, I have almost been hit not once, but twice by a hot air balloon.

    @Mamasaurus, ugh on thebed soaking.  DS is night trained, but peed in our bed two nights ago.

    @vflux33, that sounds incredibly frustrating.  Hopefully it is only for tonight 

    Me: 30 DH:32

    DD 3/11  

    MMC 2/12

    DS 1/13

    TTC #3 since 2/17.  Malignant molar missed miscarriage 8/22/17

  • @holly321 I'm sorry for the BFNs.  :( And guys deal with things like this differently, I think. I know MH grasps the seriousness of our situation, but he is always infuriatingly optimistic about it. I think it's just his way of dealing with it. So YH might be doing something similar. And I hope you get to take your kids to WDW! My DD just turned 2 this month and she is still in diapers. We haven't even started potty training yet. And she still drinks a bottle to go to sleep, so she's a heavy wetter at night. Our diapers just aren't holding up at night lately. 
    Me: 24 DH: 28
    DD 6/9/15
    TTC #2 with PCOS since 10/16

    July 2017 Siggy Challenge- Animals Eating Summer Foods

  • @mamasaurus, thanks you are probably right.

    And different things work for different kids, but I started putting a pull-up on my dd, with a diaper tighter around it.  No more overflow for us.

    Me: 30 DH:32

    DD 3/11  

    MMC 2/12

    DS 1/13

    TTC #3 since 2/17.  Malignant molar missed miscarriage 8/22/17

  • hedgepighedgepig
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    @KSMcClary FX for a less confusing test tomorrow!
    @vflux33 Haha, "The House of Broken Dreams" sounds like our "Cabin of Constantly Lowering Expectations" :# Also, thanks for the vote of confidence, as my testing resolve is on shaky ground...
    @hollieileen We also loved Kinsale and Galway!
    @muggle621 It can't be poison ivy, as we're out on the west coast, and it's not poison oak, as it's not itchy, just red and hot and swollen. Apparently it was just some kind of extreme, localized sunburn?!?
    Me: 30 DH: 30
    Started Dating: 2003 Married: 2013
    Started TTC August 2016
    BFP: 2/1/17 MC: 2/8/17
    BFP: 3/8/17 MMC: 5/1/17
    BFP: 7/23/17 EDD: 4/5/18

  • @hedgepig so glad to hear that!! I really hope to visit Ireland again one day! 
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