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Trying to decide between Piedmont, Northside, or DeKalb Medical


I am looking for recommendations between deliveries at Piedmont, Northside, and DeKalb Medical.  My number one concern is being pushed into an unnecessary C-section or medicine.  Can anyone please help with their experience at one of these hospitals and if they felt they were pressured when it wasn't necessary?



Re: Trying to decide between Piedmont, Northside, or DeKalb Medical

  • I have delivered at Piedmont and I had a wonderful experience! I was very well cared for and had no problems delivering vaginally, even with my pre eclampsia.
    i would go back again for this baby, but I have different insurance and I cannot see my old OB since she only takes Kaiser. 

    I have chosen to deliver at Emory this time. I have a specialist doctor whom I love and we are happy with their team. Plus I can have an upgraded suite after birth.

    i have had a friend who had a great experience at Dekalb. I’ve had surgery in the women’s center and it is really beautiful.  I’ve heard good things. I’m hesitant about every other part of that hospital. I’m hoping that is improving since Emory bought it. Only time will tell. Right now it’s still a bit sketchy.

    northside is the baby factory. I was in there during a pregnancy that I lost. I was very uncomfortable with the care that I received. I won’t go back.  There are a lot of women who swear by it though.
  • I'll be delivering at Northside, as it's the hospital with which my OB is affiliated. I've had several friends deliver there, most of them vaginally, and one C-section, but it was an emergency (the cord was coming out first). I've heard only good things from the women I know who've delivered there. Plus, they have the highest-level of NICU, so if something is wrong with baby when he's born, he'll receive the best possible care. 
    I see the Perinatologist there (I'm advanced maternal age), and I've loved our experience and the care we received. I'm very comfortable with this hospital to deliver my first (and most likely only). 
    Good luck to you! I know it's a hard decision. I know you'll come to the perfect one for you and your little one.
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