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Mom and mom only...

Is anyone else's LO hitting an all-time high of clingy-ness? Separation anxiety? Brynlee has gotten to a point of near obsession with me. She HAS to be touching me at all times. If she's not touching me, she's having a complete and total meltdown, screaming as if we were ripping her toenails off one by one. Even when she wakes up at night (if she actually sleeps at all) she refuses to go to daddy now. As in, I have scratch marks on the back of my neck from her when I tried to pass her off last night. 
Am I the only one? Is this just a phase? My son was never so attached...

Re: Mom and mom only...

  • kaym6kaym6 member
    YES! This has happened recently out of no where. It isn't all the time but Samuel has frequently had times where he HAS to be touching me. And I usually have to be holding him. If I'm trying to cook something he will literally cling to my pants leg pulling and crying hysterically until I pick him up and acts like I'm killing him if I try to set him down. My husband and I even joke that he's trying to get back in that's how close he needs to be hahaha 
  • @kaym6 YES! I've told her a few times that that's an exit only. Cooking is awful. I tend to wear her on my back, but it's getting warm, and she's a really sweaty kid... she claws at my legs, pinching and scratching. 
    Ugh... I hate that you're going through it too, but I am glad I'm not the only one. 
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  • I can totally relate to the clingyness while trying to cook. I mean I can't even cut up fruit without her flipping out. She'll scratch me and pull on my pants, sometimes to the point where she's practically pulling my pants down! Thankfully, this is really the only time she is super clingy to me to that point. Good times lol 
  • Yep she has been super clingy lately, and especially while making food. Today I toasted a bagel while holding her, but I had to put her down to spread cream cheese on it, and she had a meltdown. Happy as can be when I finished and could hold her again. Ahhh
  • Running into this with Zack too. I usually pull up a chair and let him stand next to me when I'm doing prep ,if its safe, and give him a salt shaker and a bowl. Its the only way my family gets fed..haha
  • nackienackie member
    DH got back from a 3 day work trip and DS still only wanted to be held by me.  I felt bad for him.  
    I also have found that letting him sit on the counter next to me while I work is the only way I can get anything done in the kitchen anymore.
  • I don't really have any perspective on this one, because it is always just Birdie and me. I will say that separation anxiety is greater at daycare drop off, but we've been able to get her interested in other things so I can go without her getting upset. I have been told by the nursery workers at church on Sunday mornings that she has to be attached to one of them at all times, too, so it's not just at home that she's that way. I don't mind in public, because she always runs back to check in that I'm still there. 
    I will say that this is really normal at this age, for them to prefer one person over all, and that will change several times as time goes on. So right now they favor us, but soon, it could be the other parent or an older sibling.
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