November 2012 Moms

9 weeks pregnant in graduate school

Hello all!! I am so excited about the pregnancy, but feeling nervous about the timing.  Just wanted to reach out for some experience of having a baby in school.  I am due Jan. 3rd, and classes start the 8th.  I would be taking 1/2 of a course load, and it would mostly be online.  So 6 credit hours- with 5 campus visits over the semester.  (I would defer clinicals for the semester)(If I miss these two classes, I cannot enroll in them for a full year- they are only offered once a year!) . I have a lot of support from my partner, and my family.  Just hoping someone may validate that this is reasonable.  Again, so happy to be pregnant- but I don't want to let go of the momentum of school.  This is such a dream come true for me (getting my doctorate), and I don't want to lose that. 
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