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Dumb Questions - June


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  • No that doesn't help you're self conscious @lajoliedreamer.

    So I just indulged into candy, crisps and coke as it is the weekend. Trying to limit myself on this as I don't know how to stop once I start.
    In the weekend I may eat anything and don't buy it during the week.
    Guess my 'plan' has worked as I ate myself sick! This has never ever happened before. People tend to be nauseous when they see how much rubbish I can eat, now I haven't eaten 1/4 of what I would eat and I feel like I'm dying over here. Maybe there is hope!


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  • kvrunskvruns member
    What do you do to keep your LO cool in hotter temps? I feel like anytime we go for a walk he's a super sweaty mess and then I feel bad like I'm hurting him. But if we can't go for walks that might send me over the edge. I've tried walks in a stroller without the car seat and he's better but still feels warm after. 
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  • @kvruns we bought one of those battery operated clip on fans at CVS and clipped it to A's stroller. It helps a little bit and we use a spray bottle; if you spray the fan, it creates a cool mist.
  • @kvruns How hot is or where you are? We try to go in the morning before it heats up. If it's still pretty warm I dress baby in just a onesie, put her in the stroller (no car seat), and try to stick to shady areas as much as possible. I'll admit though, I'm not usually comfortable having her out if it's above 90 unless there's cool water for her to splash in. 
  • kvrunskvruns member
    I'm in Indiana so it can get hot and humid. We like to go on walks around 530 after daycare and it can be pretty hot (it's 83 right now at almost 8pm). Unfortunately that is the only time I can go 
  • I was thinking about this today also. S and I went for a walk and it was just too hot. But I really like the walks so we can get out of the house and I get some sort of exercise. I'm thinking I'm going to have to go to the mall or find somewhere else where we can walk indoors. 
  • Our first is a June baby and I needed to go for daily walks for sanity. I always kept her in very light weight clothing and in the shade when walking. Aside from that, making sure she was hydrated was important, which was covered by a nursing session. 

    Baring any extreme temperatures, babies can handle heat that isn't directly in the sun. They often take a cat nap and nurse later. At least, that's in my experience. 
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  • ZoeFerZoeFer member
    we use the stroller seat abd I think putting a musling blanket under her head helps to sweat less. the synthetic material of the stroller makes the back of her head super sweaty.
  • I too have a clip fan, it arrived after the extreme heatwave here. It has rubber fans, so is pretty safe.
    Definitely don't use the car seat, it's too closed off. You like it to be airy.
    Keep the cover at the top down (not sure what it is called) as it gets pretty hot under there, use in umbrella instead to not have your LO in the sun. Never put anything over the stroller for shade as it boils up under there!
    Any parks/forest close by? Trees give a cooler shade.


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  • How long when teeth break through the gums are they fully grown in? I'm just wondering how long it until you can see them in pictures because hello adorable! 
  • @MrsMaryK2016 LOs took awhile to get up to be visible in pictures here! I'd say a good week at least. I'm sure it's different for every babe though. 
  • It was about a week here too before you could catch them in a picture (if of course she didn't stick her tongue out!)


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  • kvrunskvruns member
    edited June 2017
    I'm starting to obsess about LO overheating. His room is the hottest son the house and I have his fan on plus turned AC on higher but I worry since he's in a sleep sack. Wish he could just sleep in his onesie no sack

    Edit: oops wrong thread 
  • Ladybug2821Ladybug2821 member
    edited June 2017
    kvruns said:
    I'm starting to obsess about LO overheating. His room is the hottest son the house and I have his fan on plus turned AC on higher but I worry since he's in a sleep sack. Wish he could just sleep in his onesie no sack

    Edit: oops wrong thread 
    I am the same way. S only wears a cotton sleeper. I turn the fan on and I try to keep her room at 74/75 but a lot of times it creeps up. I can't tell if the temperature affects her sleep though. My electric bill went up $40 from playing with the thermostat so much. Have you tried just a light weight sleeper?
  • kvrunskvruns member
    @ladybug2821 he won't sleep in just clothes (onesie, sleeper, romper etc). His room is about 72/73 when he goes to bed. This morning it was 71 when he woke up so I think it hovered around there all night. His room faces west so sun warms it up in addition to it being the room the AC hits the least. Have wondered if black out curtains help keep any heat out? 

    He seemed to sleep fine so I guess I shouldn't worry but I do!
  • @kvruns I read that LO's rooms should be 65-70 but that just seems so cold to me. It's too cold for me so then I think wouldn't it be too cold for LO?  The temp is the same in my room with the fan on and I use a light blanket so I figure 74 is good for her. If he's sleeping fine, I would try not to worry about it. 
  • We keep our thermostat set between 67-70. It starts heating if it drops to 67 and cooling if it gets to 70. She sleeps in a footed pajama thing. She's super hot natured though so it works well for us.
  • MrsMaryK2016MrsMaryK2016 member
    edited June 2017
    @kvruns What about putting him in a muslin sleep sack instead of cotton? I just got one for M. Aden + Anais brand I think. That way he's in a sleep sack but a very thin one. 

    @Ladybug2821 Really? 65-70 degrees?? That's amazing! My husband always turns it down to 69 at night and I'm so afraid M is going to be too cold. His hands are little icicles when I get him in the morning lol

    Edited because I posted before I was done
  • m6aguam6agua member
    Meanwhile I'm over here with the house set at 74  :( Our a/c wasn't working, my friends dad came and looked at it and it was low, he filled it up and it is working now but we are trying to not use it too much because of the leak/and money. We will probably be needing a new a/c this fall. :'( I'm not ready to spend that kind of money.
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  • @MrsMaryK2016 Yeah!  Doesn't that seem super cold?  I read it on a few websites. 
  • kvrunskvruns member
    hmm good idea @MrsMaryK2016 I need to buy some bigger size ones so I'll try muslin.
  • Hmm, our house is at 80 right now, we are being cheap and don't want to turn the air on. LO has been sleeping in just a cotton sleep sack with the ceiling fan on. I also worry it's too warm though, and I'm warmer than all of you! We were cold in the winter too, it even got down to 58 a couple nights when I would forget to turn the heat back on and LO was fine. 
  • kvrunskvruns member
    Yikes I wouldn't be able to sleep in an 80 degree house 
  • @kvruns it might be why I've been in horrible moods lately. If I wasn't feeling so lazy Id probably turn it on, but that means shutting all the windows. Once I decide to get in bed I think I'm going to turn it on. 
  • @desoky01 I don't know how you do it. I become a serious bitch when I'm hot. My husband told the guy he'd give him $50 more if he could fix our AC that night because he didn't want to deal with me whining all night.
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