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Whole milk before one year

My son is almost 10 months old and has drank only breastmilk thus far. I am a working mom and pump while I'm away. For some reason my supply has significantly dropped recently and my freezer stash is dwindling. I will not make it to a year. My husband expressed our concerns at my sons 9 month appointment a few weeks ago  and the doctor said to nurse as long as I can but at this point he wouldn't recommend formula, that we can start cows milk whenever I stop producing. Has anyone started their LO on cows milk before a year? I was thinking of maybe mixing some in his bottles while  working to start. I'm afraid I will run out of frozen completely and he will just have to drink it one day. What if he doesn't like it?! 

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    My LO rejects food when teething. When she went on a food strike at 10 months and I had cut my breastfeeding down to morning and evening only, I sought advice from a health visitor. She said to give cow's milk to top her up, even though it was before 12 months. She explained that she has it in her cereal every day, eats yoghurt and cheese and it wouldn't harm her. She was happy to drink it. She wouldn't touch formula! 
  • My DD is 9.5 months. At her 9m check up last week our pedi was adamant about giving cows milk at 12 months... I know all docs are different but I have always heard to wait until 1 year.
    What if you tried mixing some BM w the supplementation formula, half and half. See what reaction you get and go from there. 

    I hope you find a solution and sorry your supply has dipped so low. Good luck!
  • there's no substitute to breastmilk. the best for child and provide strength to babies for years ahead.
    my LO stopped my feed when he turned 3month. then for 1 extra month i kept pumping and feeding him and then my milk supply finished. I fed him formula til 9 month and then switched to cow milk in the last week of 9th month
    So far he is doing good with it!!!
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