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TW Tuesday! 5/23

Who is being a complete twat waffle??


Re: TW Tuesday! 5/23

  • @labby18 this is my mom every day of her life so I can relate. Also why we do not talk. I'm sorry you have to deal with it. It's so stressful and unnecessary. At least we know how NOT to act as mothers! 
  • @labby18 I'm so sorry. Your mom sounds very hard to deal with. 


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  • lap018lap018
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    @labby18 could she possibly be pre menopausal or menopausal? Every mom around this age right now is acting so strangely and my mother in law is going through menopause (I like to think this is why she has been so selfish but who am I kidding she's always been selfish) but with the intense mood swings and borderline bipolar reactions it could be hormonal? Maybe? 
  • Mom problems are not fun I can totally relate. My bestie(who is a new real estate agent) was showing my mom houses for a couple saturdays, and then my mom goes and buys a house under another agent. They haven't spoken since obviously, but now there is a school function and our kids go to the same school and I want my mom to help and volunteer.... it sucks
  • labby18labby18
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    @tfrangul & @lap018

    it probably is menopause, but it's scary crazy. the other day she asked how i was doing and then answered how she was doing without letting me even open my mouth to respond. I was just like "oh ok then..." she used to be cool, and i could talk to her about anything, and she's just bat shit crazy, and God forbid I need to talk to her about something other than herself. ugggh. maybe when we move back to Virginia it would be as bad because there won't be the distance causing strain? idk, hopeful thinking.

    eta: @bridge-and-wall
    she used to not be so's so random. Literally since I told her I'm pregnant she's gone coo-coo

  • My TW: my mojo. Where you at?

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  • @iheartichi samesies.  Let me know where to look if you happen to find it :disappointed:
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  • @Cats*in*space will do. Do the same for me. DH would be very grateful. 

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  • I found my mojo guys. It came (heh... lol) in the form of DH. He is not the stereotypical male who can't find the clitoris. He knows where it is and he knows how to sweet talk her. So lately, he lets me finish before we even start... which reeeaally helps. 
  • @labby18 yeah my first thought was menopause, too. Hopefully that means it will eventually get better, at least. I'm sorry you're having to deal with that, though. 

    My TW is a soon-to-be former co-worker who has been majorly bad-mouthing our workplace upon announcing she's leaving. I'm not trying to be the company mascot or anything but she's being anything but graceful in her exit. 
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    @labby18 hey,  I hear ya. I don't know how close you live to your mom but at some point (maybe after baby is here) you might want to consider doing therapy together. It could really make a world of a difference. I hate how stigmatized it is and think there are so many positives that can come of it. Just a thought,  sounds like it could clear up a lot of pent up emotions. Hang in there! 
  • iheartichiiheartichi
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    @wyomama0427 that's the one! Ha. I can't even get to where I want DH to try. 

    Edit cause it posted too soon

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  • @labby18 I'm sorry about your mom. She definitely sounds pretty unstable. :( Hopefully things get better when you move closer. It's a good thing you talked to your brother so that there wasn't any miscommunications about what your intentions were. 
  • @JNR6510 That makes me so mad for you! They should have traded food with someone else who wasn't pregnant. Or something. Did you leave and get your own food?? Insanity. Sounds awful.

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    @Sugargirl1019 I got to leave to get food after they let everyone go early. I totally treated myself to Starbucks after I grabbed some real food.
  • @wyomama0427 that's a good idea. I think if we actually went on a date I'd feel more like it. And not a date to the OB. 

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  • I know it's Thursday, but the lady in front of me in the 12 items of fewer line is a TW. She has 20 items. I have 7, this has been a long day, and I would like to go home.
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