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  • @jena333-2 thanks!!!! Can't wait to try it out. DH is obsessed with freshly baked cookies. 
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  • labby18labby18
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    @jena333-2 omg...i will be making these asap lol

  • jena333-2jena333-2
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    Yay! You can adjust the ratio of toffee to dark chocolate to milk chocolate to suit your tastes, but what's listed in the recipe is what we like best. I make these on my "pizza" stone, and I always preheat the stone before the first round of cookies.
  • @jena333 Ah a kindred spirit!  I'm glad I'm not alone in the flower snobbiness :)

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    Jamiern01 said:
    I'm doing as little as possible at work today!!! I'm mostly catching up the bmp. I don't feel one bit guilty!!!! Ready for a weekend

    that's what I am doing
  • @jena333-2 haha I'm legit dying, I got the exsact same flowers but I liked them because I know nothing about flowers and I just like presents. But I have like no standards when I comes to flowers all I know is carnations are supposedly tacky according to wedding magazines. 

    Mother's Day present side note my husband also got me a really pretty ring engraved with our baby's name. And I am a jewelry snob, it was totally well done and up to my standards lol 
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