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Fit Mama check-in: May 8


Re: Fit Mama check-in: May 8

  • npaulie said:
    Thanks ladies!! 

    @kjd291 we're flying home June first. A bit nervous about traveling so long with a newborn and dealing with a layover. But I've been told traveling with them at this age is as easy as it's going to get. Going to just wear him the whole time I think. Unless I get kicked off an airplane for that... Hahahaha (just kidding hope none of you ladies work in air travel)
    I don't believe you will be able to wear him during takeoff or landing just as info. I nursed Tyler during both on the flights I took to/from FL when he was 9 weeks. The flight attendant thought my nursing cover was a wrap and made a point to tell me he couldn't be in it before we took off. I had to explain it was a nursing cover and not a wrap. The ear pain was worse during landing but we made it through by nursing. But after we landed and were in the car on the way to my dads, he cried for like 15 min straight and I think that was due to his ears hurting. He is not normally a crier. Overall he did great on the plane. Good luck!

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  • @npaulie so exciting about the dragon boat regatta! What an exciting goal to work towards!! 

    @MrsBinPA regarding the bleeding, OB did blood work to see if there is any placenta left. Ugh. Hope not. Do you have any residual pain or discomfort getting back to working out? I did a short run and feel my incision pulling a lot. 

    @triwellnessgirl hope you and everyone had a great Mother's Day!! I spent it at my moms house and it was so nice to be with everyone. Oscar did great sleeping in his travel crib and in the car! I drove through your hometown on my way down 195 and thought of you!
  • @jenny0228 ugh I really hope it's not retained tissue!  When will you hear the results.  FX for you.  My incision feels really pretty good overall.  I have numbness around it still,  the fupa swelling right above it has started to subside enough that I can fully see it now when I am standing in front of the mirror.  I still cringe and have fear when I have to cough but then remember doesn't hurt anymore hehe.  I haven't challenged myself with any ab workouts but am sure my core is weak.  

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  • Oh wow @jenny0228 .... thanks for thinking of me!!! So cool!! Glad you had a relaxing Mommy's Day & Oscar did so well !!
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    If anyone feels like it! You can start a new ccheck in. I don't have any feee time :( sorry it's already Tuesday!
  • I'll start one! Stay tuned!  ;)
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