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HDBD 5/3/17

We took a trip to the Indy Children's Museum this weekend. (Actually, 2 trips.) Here are a few fun pics! If you're ever nearby, it's totally worth it!


Re: HDBD 5/3/17

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  • Here's one of Mary and I chillin on a rainy morning and another one after she ate blueberry pancakes!
  • KFrobKFrob member
    Enough hair for a ridiculous pony tail!

    And we went to the circus. Harper LOVED it! 

  • Finger painting with big brother :) she loved it! 

    This girl is just too much lol

    Anyone else have a weird update to the app? I couldn't load a picture to save my soul. This week I caved and went to the website...
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @BarrettJ89 I was and was just able to upload yesterday when I check again
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    @BarrettJ89 I had to delete the app and re-download it bc nothing was working for me. 

    First one is playing the "How big is Charlie" game. I had been trying to get him to do it for weeks. Second one was trying on his rain boots he needed for daycare. And third is his attempt to eat yogurt by himself 

    ETA: oops, my pictures got uploaded in a different order

  • This first one is his fake cry, this is that happens when we spends to much time with Grandma, haha =) 
    The next two were both this Sunday, the cereal is normally on top of the fridge and this has never happened before so I'm not sure how he got two boxes in one day but it happened. Both times while I was cooking him food. One of those days I guess. 
  • @kodariah I have a picture just like that of my son when he was this age with a bag of goldfish... actually, an empty bag of goldfish. He and the dogs were quite content to share in cleaning up the mess. 

  • Lots of fun lately! She loves rocking "horses". This was at her friends house. 2nd pic is us making pancakes. It got a lot messier after this pic! Last one is at the zoo. She's imitating the growl that the jaguar just made. 
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