Early Induction and Comps

I'm 19 y/o and ftm. I was admitted yesterday to the hospital after having severe stomach pains. It was found that there was low fluid around the baby. Today the doctor came in and said I will be induced at 34 weeks (which is in 2 weeks) unless the amount of fluid keeps going down, then it could be earlier. Today he came in and said that the placenta is not functioning properly so the baby is not getting enough blood flow, oxygen, or nutrients that he needs. I was told that he is also very small for his gestational she. The doctor and a nurse told me that there's nothing I could've done to prevent this since I'm healthy and don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I'm very nervous because since he will be coming early he may have some complications. I've had the steroid shots that help his lungs develop a little faster just in case he comes earlier than two weeks. Does anyone have any advice on what I may be able to do to try to keep him in as long as I can and how to handle early delivery? He wasn't supposed to be ready until June. 

Re: Early Induction and Comps

  • dajocldajocl member
    Hi @MamaB5812 unfortunately I don't have any advice for keeping him in longer other than to make sure you are following doctors orders. Just know that if he does come now, chances are he will be just fine. My son came at 34 weeks and was only in the NICU for 8 days, and now he is a healthy and thriving 2 year old. And my best friends baby was a 27 weeker and his stay was much longer but again, he's a happy little 2 year old. I know it is a scary time, just know that with the steroid shots, especially if you can keep him in the next two weeks, he will probably be just fine. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. 

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