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what have you found to help with heartburn?

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Mine has been really bad lately...I am wondering what you have found to help. Thank you!

Re: what have you found to help with heartburn?

  • Hi. I've found eating very small and frequent meals/snacks to be helpful. Citrus, greek yogurt, etc. Drink plenty of water.
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  • Citric acid seems to be my main trigger, so I stopped mixing drink mixes (such as Crystal Light) into my water. Also, all the Tums. 

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  • Pepcid-AC has been my best friend every night. Occasionally, I need tums during the day. I get it the worst when I lay on my right side and drink cold water or eat yogurt.
  • My doctor told me to take 75-150 mg Zantac 2xs/daily. I've started with 75 mg and I think I will need to increase it. I have heartburn and reflux so it's helping, but not gone yet. 
  • I have pretty severe heartburn and have a prescription for pepcid (cheap!) and take 2 a day. I take an additional tums or two if needed and it's been a lifesaver for me. Certain foods also trigger it, so I need to stay away from them. I also sleep with a bazillion pillows propped up behind me at an incline which also helps. Good luck & hope you're feeling better!
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    Watermelon has helped during the day. Its very cooling for me. Plus tums, and so far my last resort is zantac 75. I also sleep sitting up or mostly propped up when its bad so I can get through the night. I also avoid salty food and eating too much which always triggers it. Heartburn is the worst!
  • I have the occasional antacid which fixes my heartburn. i use walgreens brand as it contains no talc or other nasties.
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