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  • @RhodaMorgenstern I just the Phillips avent and never had an issue what so ever. Neither did my cousin with a baby the same age. But I know she had a lot of issue with all of the colic bottles. It's something with that straw part that reduces the air.. I've seen them explode everywhere (including my bottle warmer!)
  • Question: does anyone have bottles that don't leak? We've tried the Doctor Browns, the Nuby and the Medela bottles (with the medela nipples) and they all inevitably end up leaking on the way to daycare. Anyone have anything that really works?
    do your Dr Browns just leak during transport or while using? Mine leaked while using them after being warmed and I read online that the inside pieces can cause somethingsomethingscientific to happen and cause a leak. When I pick him up from daycare the empty bottles still have some left (they dont rinse out at daycare) and it will at times leak in my bag since I don't make sure they are upright.

    We have a few Nuk bottles that I haven't had leaks with although I never transport them. Otherwise I think every brand we used when he was little leaked at some point. 
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  • @kristah2 you're supposed to take out any of those inside pieces before warming or it causes the problems you're talking about. Apparently it doesn't happen with all but it did with ours and I saw it on the Dr Brown's website. 
  • @RhodaMorgenstern The Dr Browns leak for us too. I normally transport them with the lid/cap on instead of it put all together. I haven't any leakage doing that. 
  • I'm using the Munchkin Latch bottles and they don't leak. 
  • @kvruns makes sense to me! I haven't used them myself but when she heated the bottle here it made a huge mess I was so surprised! 

    Ive transported the avent ones with Zero issue but like I said it's not the anti colic or whatever the ones with the tubes are called. 
    I use plastic and my cousin uses the glass ones both no leaks! 
  • Thanks everyone. I think we have a munchkin latch lying and an avent lying around so we might try those. At this point, she should be past colic, right? Although every morning, around 5:30-6, she has awful gas and cries in her sleep until she poops. And she'll only poop in our bed, not her crib. 
  • that makes me laugh that she only poops in your bed.  Mine used to go when he was in the RNP all the time. And when he wore this one outfit, I named it his "poopy puppy pants" because those + RNP were a guaranteed #2
  • @kvruns when she was on antibiotics for her ear infection, she pooped through the towel, the sheets and the mattress protector. Nothing in her crib, just as soon as she was in our bed or being held. Plus side, at least we don't have to worry about our kids being constipated?
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    I wanted to do bring your child to work day so bad! I didn't know what day it was until the night before, and then found out no one does it at my work place. I was bummed because since I work at the front desk it would have worked really well to have him there with me! Oh well. 
  • My H was holding LO for a few minutes before I left to take him to daycare. He's super snotty as always (thanks continuous daycare cold) and I was walking back in the room and I hear LO sneeze so I go to grab a tissue. H gets all snippy with me like HURRY UP and with big hand motions for me to bring the tissue because it was running. It took me like 30 seconds. Really dude? Any time LO has something like that or a spit up H freaks out and acts like can't use the bib or grab a towel himself. Do I ever get to do that? No. I get spit up on all over my shirt but I figure it out myself.  And when LO is having a meltdown on the boob sometimes and I'm like can you make a small bottle he takes FOR EV ER while baby is screaming at me but he goes at a snails pace (like it will take him 5 min to make the bottle; I can do it in under 1 min while holding baby). But god forbid baby has some snot and it is drop everything and run to me.  smh
  • Ok this is really random, but I just need some peace of mind/advice to get me through the night. I'll be calling my doctor's office in the morning.

    Right after LO was born I got mastitis and my OBGYN prescribed me dicloxacillin, which worked, until about 8 days into the dose I developed a severe drug reaction (itching, burning, sloughing rash - beyond horrible) and ended up in the ER where the doctor said it was one of the worst drug reactions he'd ever seen. It was beyond miserable and so, so, so scary. Well, yesterday I went to my doctor because I've been sick and was diagnosed with sinusitis, for which she prescribed augmentin. She knew about the dicloxacillin reaction and said the two were not related. I took her word for it, and took the first pill last night and two more today. Now I'm feeling and little itchy and I look it up and (hello!) augmentin is amoxicillin and in the same penicillin family as dicloxacillin. I'm now in a panic wondering if she made a horrible mistake prescribing me this and if I should keep taking it or not. Of course, it's Friday night and I won't be able to call anyone until the morning or maybe even until Monday. Any nurses or pharmacists in here? Please help me calm my mind  :/
  • I was under the impression that NO.. You shouldn't take that if you have a penicillin allergy. Especially if you had such a severe reaction in the past. I would stop taking it and reach out to the on call! I hope your symptoms don't get worse.
  • I would definitely stop taking it 
  • I would stop taking it too. If you can't get ahold to your doctor try calling your pharmacist. They would know the drug make up and be able to give you a good definitive answer. 
    I wouldn't take it again until I got the okay from someone who knows the drug composition. 
  • Looks like it is going to be a very rainy weekend. I've gotten so used to going for walks and errands I have no idea how to entertain him inside anymore. I was supposed to run a race with him but it was cancelled due to weather and then I wanted to hit some garage sales nearby. Boo 
  • @mrsmoose5 stop taking it. I have a severe penicillin allergy (my throat closed when I was 9 months old after a penicillin shot for severe diaper rash. The only thing that saved my life was that my mom was still talking to the nurse when the reaction set in) and you're never supposed to take anything in the penicillin family. Our pediatrician won't even give A anything in the penicillin family because she's concerned it's a hereditary allergy (my dad and my half siblings all have it as well.)
  • Awesome. So now I'm home alone with the 2 kids (H works Saturdays) hoping I don't start having a serious allergic reaction. Took some Benadryl last night but still had a hard time sleeping because I was just so worried. Hoping that since I only took 3 pills of the augmentin that it won't be that bad.  :(
  • FX crossed for you @mrsmoose5. I hope everything resolves itself and you are well (body and mind).
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  • The fact that you haven't had a serious allergic reaction @mrsmoose5 is a good sign!
  • @mrsmoose5 FX it doesn't turn out to be serious. 
  • It seems like S has a hard time falling asleep while we are out. She does get most of her naps at home but sometimes when we are out and about it might run into her nap time. She used to be able to sleep while I was pushing the cart at the store, when we went on walks with the stroller, and sometimes in the car. It seems like she will only fall asleep in those cases the times I don't want her to because we are close to making it home for a legit nap. But when I do, she's not having it and gets fussy. 
  • This exactly @Ladybug2821! It seems like we're being more and more hindered by nap time if we don't want LO to start falling apart by bedtime. It's rough! I miss doing naps on the run! 

    Hoping for no reaction for you @mrsmoose5!
  • M recently started this weird spastic arm movement where he will move it out and back super jerky usually hitting himself or me or whatever is around. It's really strange. Anyone else experience this befor?
  • @kristah2 LO does that over here too. He stretches his arms out and then pulls them in really fast hitting his sides/stomach. 
  • tvh1982tvh1982 member
    My LO does this during bottle time @kristah2. It helps if I hand her something soft to hold (I say soft, as she sometimes keep doing it even with a toy in her hand...)


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    @kristah2 Mine does it while eating a bottle like @tvh1982
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