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Sunday ticker change 4/16/17

How far along are you? 

How big is baby? 

Team Blue, Pink, Green? And name(s)? 

Appointments this week? 


What have you done to prepare for baby this week? 


GTKY: What is your current go to outfit that makes you feel fabulous?
DS1 - 8-10-2015 LO2 - EDD 4-30-2017
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Re: Sunday ticker change 4/16/17

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    @blueberry85 I'm right here with ya so far girl! Are we the farthest overdue right now? Any induction talk? 
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    @taylor72 Yep, I think we are  :'( No, as long as all the extra monitoring comes back ok, my midwives will let you go to 42 weeks before inducing. I DO NOT want to go to 42 weeks. If I make it to my appointment tomorrow, I'm going to ask for a sweep and really hope that kicks things off!! I haven't had any internal checks so far, so I have no idea how prepared my body is at the moment...
    Me: 31 DH: 34
    DD1 born 3.2014
    DD2 born 4.2017
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    @Blueberry85 noooooo! 42 weeks?! I'm thinking of you for sure, I hope you don't make it to 42
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