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Weekend Ticker Change 4/15--4/16

How far along are you?

How big is baby?

Any appointments this week?




Team Pink/Blue/Green?

GTKY: Easter plans or traditions?

Re: Weekend Ticker Change 4/15--4/16

  • @lilmisscrafty I felt like I was hit by a truck for a few days after my shower. Take tomorrow to relax! 
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  • @LilMissCrafty That's exciting that you have a date scheduled!!! Maybe you'll be our first weekend baby!
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    @absbubbs at first he was into it because he didn't ever get to do it before since he's Muslim. But then he kinda gets forced into it. I wouldn't say he enjoys it but he humors me. 

    Eta. I was also impressed with our gifts for team green. I think people are coming around to not being so gender-typed
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  • @OmegaRose3 - I came home from my appointment on Friday determined to organize everything. Because the baby would notice if the pots and pans cabinet wasn't perfectly organized, right?

  • Hahaha I vacuumed out my car the other day because I couldn't possibly bring baby home in a dirty car...he would definitely remember. Crazy preggo obsessions
  • Lol I told H we need to clean out the cars and try installing the car seats just to make sure we know how and have it checked. I mean it needs it regardless of baby coming but that's the main reason! 

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  • How far along are you? 36 weeks

    How big is baby? Chihuahua or papaya

    Any appointments this week? 2 NSTs and 1 OB

    Symptoms? Nausea, heartburn, false-labor contractions, fatigue

    Cravings? Everything! I just want to eat all the time but the moment I make something I become nauseous

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Are there any consistent signs of early labor other than contractions or water breaking???

    Team Pink/Blue/Green? We were green but I couldn't take it. Now team blue but I wish it was pink.

    GTKY: Easter plans or traditions? Dyeing deviled eggs and watching movies.
  • How far along are you? 37 weeks

    How big is baby? I feel like we're stuck at romaine at this point

    Any appointments this week? Weekly obgyn on Tuesday

    Symptoms? Big. Heartburn. Joints are doing better. Need to pee all the time.

    Cravings? Not really but the Easter deviled eggs were delicious

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Umm. Can't think of anything. Just why am I do tired all the time?

    Team Pink/Blue/Green? Blue

    GTKY: Easter plans or traditions?  My mother in law always hosts an egg hunt for the kids in the family. Hoping mine is in the hunt next year!
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