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Baby name help??

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Please let me know your favorites. I have one boy now and his name is crew.  These could be for a boy or a girl.  We won't find out.  Thanks!!

Baby name help?? 77 votes

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Re: Baby name help??

  • Rowan is my favorite of what's listed and for a boy. 

    I don't think any of these names really suit a girl besides possibly River.
  • I vopted Kai..for a boy. I don't think any of these should be used for a girl except possibly Rowan.
  • None if these should be used for a girl.  My choice for not is Kai.  The rest NMS at all. 
  • I like Rowan and really dislike them all for a girl

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    I voted River simply because I think that is the one that could go for either a boy or girl most fluidly. But I could see Gray for either as well. The other names aren't my style but I don't find anything wrong with them.
  • I like River and Rowan. The only one from your list I would use on a girl would be Rowan.
  • I voted Chandler, but only for a boy. 

    For a girl how about Frances, Sloane, Gwen, Wren or Arden?
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  • I like Kai and Chandler best for a boy and Rowan and River for a girl.
  • Yes I like Sloane a lot. Thanks!
  • Rowan for a boy
    none for a girl

  • I voted for Kai. I like River as well.
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  • I voted for Chandler. I like Rowan but don't like it with your son's name. Rowan and Crew... Like rowing crew, the sport. Unless that was intentional.
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