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How do you de-stress?

Between having a toddler always on the run, other kids busy schedules, work, life, and health issues I'm sure we all NEED ways to relax.  I feel like I can see my hair turning gray right before my eyes. How do you relax, de-stress, detox your life?

Re: How do you de-stress?

  • l4rkl4rk member
    A shit ton of Netflix.
  • l4rk said:
    A shit ton of Netflix.
    Same. Plus coffee and wine and a good book.
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  • Yes, Netflix and ice cream! 
  • E-books. Since Birdie's been having such trouble sleeping, we cosleep, and I spend a lot of time in the dark. E-Books have really saved the day, because I can read them with the lights out. 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    Exercise!  I have a love/hate with it.  Sometimes its hard to get motivated and prioritize but its always worth it.  I'm in a much better mood and sleep better, plus feeling myself grow stronger is empowering.  I'll also agree that Netflix with the husband is huge!   So much binge watching.  A good trip to Target with a Starbucks latte works wonder too :-)
  • I have three kids so it's always extremely busy around here. Especially keeping up with baby and my teenager's schedule. I'm convinced that children are so much easier from the ages of four to 12 lol! 
     I DVR our favorite shows and my Husband and I usually watch those together in the evening. I also like to get outside and take walks now that it's warm...by myself if at all possible.
  • I don't. I'm a great big sleep deprived ball of excessive anxiety and caffeine...
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