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Traveling without EBF baby

I am leaving my baby for the first time in a couple weeks.  She will be 7 months old. I will be gone for 4 days/3 nights.  I have plenty of frozen milk stored to cover while I am gone.  I plan to pump and bring the milk home in a cooler on the plane.

DH will be keeping DD (and her big sisters) while I am gone.  I am most worried about night time because DD likes to nurse ALL.NIGHT.LONG. DH will be using frozen milk and I obviously don't want to waste much if possible.  I have no idea how much she is actually eating at night to tell him how much to put in a bottle.  I know bottles should only be used within a couple hours if not finished initially. What would be the easiest method for him for making and feeding bottles throughout the night?  I was thinking of making two 2 oz bottles and keeping them in a cooler with ice pack upstairs, then having a couple extra bags of frozen milk in the cooler too to add more if needed. We do not have a bottle warmer, heating the bags is quicker than trying to eat a bottle with milk in it. I don't want her screaming for 10+ minutes because she is hungry, waking her sisters. 

Has anyone left EFB baby with DH yet? how did they work night time bottles? 

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Re: Traveling without EBF baby

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    I haven't left this baby, but I left my son with a friend when he was six months for three nights. He was like that, needy at night and always attached to me. She did the same thing with a cooler, had a few bottles prepped. We're pretty loose on the breastmilk rules though too. She also figured out it was easier if he slept in a different room. My friend slept very badly, but everyone was fine :) I assume your baby is used to sleeping with your husband in the room though.
    good luck! Try to enjoy your nights away!!
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    Freshly expressed non frozen milk is good for up to a week in the fridge. Maybe make 2 oz bottles of fresh milk specifically for motn. H can take one out of the fridge before he goes to bed to keep on his nightstand. Keep in mind though, that comfort nursing and milk transfer are different things and baby is not actually transferring and drinking the milk. Does she take a paci or does she have another confit item that isn't you?
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