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  • Leni410Leni410
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    Passed with a 112!! Such a relief!
  • Ugh I'm sorry @aehogan90. Treat yourself to something delicious after the test this Friday!

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  • Thanks y'all. I will indulge after. Not sorry about it.
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  • dma0389dma0389
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    I had my 1 hour today at 10:00am. Now I have to wait to hear back on results. I ate a boiled egg for bfast before going, which I typically have everyday. 

    My 1st pregnancy with DS I failed the 1 hour by 5 pts and had to take the 3 hr but passed that. Hopefully I pass the 1hr this time. 

    Anyone know how long you wait to hear results?

    EDIT** - got the call today (Tuesday, wow it takes them a while, granted it's a blood draw) and I passed. Was worried bec I failed the 1 hour last time with DS in 2014 lol. But after she tells me I'm good with that....lets me know my hemoglobin is down. Well of course, I have Alpha thalassemia!
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  • I'm still shocked how many don't get their results from the 1 hour right away. We get a finger prick, wait like 5 mins and they tell us our levels. Interesting how varied practices/labs are. 

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  • My ob doesn't do a finger prick. It takes 24 hours after the test to find out the results.
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  • When they pricked my finger the nurse just flashed the device at me and said "Oh no, 157 is above cutoff." 
  • I got my results via my hospitals "My Chart" website the evening of my 1 hour. They didn't do a finger prick, just drew blood.
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  • My midwife did a blood draw and I got the results the next day, but since we were at my house when she tested me and I had a glucometer I pricked my finger at the same time to see. 114 with the finger prick, 99 with the blood draw which is interesting. 
  • My office did a blood draw and said if I didn't hear back within 24 hours no news was good news. I called 48 hours later to be sure because I failed with DS and was sure I would this time. 
  • Blood draw is more accurate than finger pricks. When we have a patient register below 50, we immediately call the lab for a stat blood draw to get a more exact number
  • My office does the whole no news is good news policy so the fact that I never heard anything I took as good news.
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  • Woohoo, I passed! No idea at what value, I was too happy to ask haha.  Mine took almost all week, they drew blood Monday morning and got the results this afternoon at 4.

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  • I had the lemon lime drink today. Definitely not bad! Unfortunately since I did my test on a Friday, I now have to wait until Tuesday for the results because of the long weekend. 
  • Did anyone else fail the long one? I failed on the last draw so now I'm on a strict diet and have to check my sugar level 4x per day. No more ice cream this summer
  • @bubblesmtu I had GD with DS and have it again this time.  Once you get the hang of it, it is not so bad. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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  • shyviolet said:
    @bubblesmtu I had GD with DS and have it again this time.  Once you get the hang of it, it is not so bad. Feel free to ask me any questions.
    Thanks @shyviolet!  After getting used to checking my levels, it hasn't been sooo bad. My doc says my average has to stay below 110 and I check at fasting, 2hr post each meal. So far my levels have mostly been in the low 80's so I'm hoping I can not have to check as often after a while. 
    Did you still eat sweets/treats every once in a while? 
    Im also having issues with insurance not wanting to cover checking 4x per day. Is that how often you have to check ?
  • @bubblesmtu  I am supposed to check  4x a day but life gets in the way and I have hard time doing that.  I always check my fasting because it is the least controllable by diet and I feel the most important to watch.  Some days that will all I manage to test and other days I will test everything including snacks just to check in.  

    I have a bunch of go to snacks and meals that I know work for me so I only check after them occasionally to make sure they still work for me, because blood sugar can be harder to control as pregnancy progresses.

    I have found alternative treats that work for me while still keeping my blood levels in check.  Kind Granola bars work really well, I buy the type that are mainly nuts with a little chocolate on them.  They are on the expensive side but if it keeps me from eating a cookie I am fine with the cost for a few months.  If you are comfortable in the kitchen I make banana bread without sugar and use oat flour and nuts.  It is not as sweet as the regular stuff but it is still a nice treat.  My other go to is Greek yogurt mixed with a little sugar free cheesecake instant pudding mix.  If you are fine with sugar free stuff this is really good mixed with berries and nuts.  As far as fruit goes berries are a really safe option and everything else you will have to see how your body responds to it.

    I know you can by off brand test strips for some monitors so you might want to look into that.  
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  • @bubblesmtu I failed 1 of the 4 blood draws with DS2.  I had to test my blood sugar 4x per day.  I still had the occasional frozen yogurt or ice cream, but I tried to have it in the afternoon and I'd take a walk afterwards.  I could also have things like a frozen Greek yogurt bar or low carb wrap with peanut butter or sun butter as an evening snack.  It's not quite the same as other treats, but it helped with a sweet craving.
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  • Thanks for the tips @shyviolet and @MetsGirl18
    I found some breyers carb smart ice cream bars at the grocery store yesterday too and had one in the evening. So far it hasn't affected my fasting level woohoo. 
  • @bubblesmtu @shyviolet @MetsGirl18 If I remember correctly, July has a pretty big ongoing thread where they discuss GD- meal and snack tips, testing advice, etc.. it might give you some ideas!

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  • I have my 1 hour this morning! Just had some eggs and then I'll be chugging my drink in about an hour. I'm actually really nervous for this and I'm not sure why. I just really hope I can get the drink down and that I pass. 
  • lewlivlewliv
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    @mrsjqg1024 I have mine today as well. Good luck!
  • I took the 1 hour this morning too.  This was the first time I ate a little about an hour before the test.  Usually I end up fasting.  I wonder if that really has any effect on the numbers either way.  

    The one thing that annoyed me was that I told the person as soon as I walked in that I was taking the GTT.  She said she'd be with me shortly.  At least 20 minutes goes by with other people being called in.  I asked if I could just have the drink and get the paperwork later and that's when she says the delivery guy is stocking the drink.  If I knew the drink wasn't available when I showed up, I would've gone to one of the other 2 locations in town.  I ended up waiting about 30 minutes before getting the drink and was later than I planned to be to work.  It wasn't that big of a deal, but a little communication would've been helpful.
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  • @lewliv Good luck to you too! Just got back from mine. Wasn't too bad but I'm anxious to hear if I passed or not. 
  • Not surprised that I failed the 1 hour.  It was 142, which was actually my best result.  I'm almost positive I got 154 with my other 2 tests in the past.  I passed the 3 hour with my first and failed 1 blood draw with my second.  Maybe I have some hope of passing the 3 hour this time.

    For those who took the 3 hour, were you told to not have anything including water after midnight?  The lack of water is what bothers me the most.  I already have terrible veins and being dehydrated plus 4 blood draws have resulted in some bad experiences with this test.
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  • @MetsGirl18 for my 3 hour test I couldn't have anything after midnight, including water. Honestly though, aside from being bored, it wasn't too bad.
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  • I found out today that I passed my 1 hour test!
  • @MetsGirl18 water was all that I could have 10-14 hours prior to 3 hour test. But my veins were really flat so I had to drink water the whole time I was at the office. But they let me stay in the NST room where there were recliners and I just synced up with the wifi and watched Netflix while I waited. It sucked I had to be there, but it wasn't nearly as miserable as I was initially expecting
  • Sitting here doing the three hour test for the second time. I am high risk, so I had the one hour test at 24 weeks which I failed and the 3 hour test which I passed a few days later. This time, I decided to skip the 1 hour test and do the 3 hour one. Hope I pass, but regardless, no more glucosa drink for me.
  • After taking my blood glucose levels for over a week now I've found that not getting a good nights rest raises my fasting level 15-20 points. So make sure you get some zzzz's. 
    Otherwise now I'm used to pricking myself 4x per day now and the diet isn't as bad as I thought it would be. So if you fail your test it's not so bad!
  • @erindippity Thanks!  The OB I met with today said he's fine with me drinking water after midnight as long as I don't eat anything.  That made me feel at least a little better about the test.  My veins are terrible and usually collapse after one blood draw so staying hydrated will at least help a little.  
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  • kvh22kvh22
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    @MetsGirl18 this is probably a stupid question, but does it help at all if they switch arms/veins? My OB goes straight to the 2 hour (no one hour test) so I had 3 blood draws and she alternated arms and on for the 3rd draw, was able to use a different vein than the first. I have really small veins that always set off the slow flow alarm when I donate blood. They also always end up poking through the vein so I bruise horribly so I was surprised by how well the blood draws went for my glucose test.
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  • I had GD last time around, failed my 1 hour test, but just recently found out I passed the three hour! Honestly, I was a little paranoid they mixed up my results with someone else cuz the numbers were so low. Last time, no matter what I ate, I couldn't get my morning numbers low enough and had to take medication. So weird. Someone told me that sometimes your body is able to recalibrate itself after the first pregnancy, so everything doesn't go all haywire. Or maybe the lessons I learned about carb/ protein ratios the first time helped me stave it off this time. I'm glad I don't have to worry about it this time but to anyone who has it and is worried, you can handle it! Most of the time, it just forces healthy eating and that is a good thing! 
  • @kvh22 My veins collapse so they usually have to switch arms/veins for multiple blood draws even if I have blood drawn days apart.  With DS1, I had blood taken from 4 different spots with the 3 hour GTT and it was awful.  I was bruised all over and the last 2 were taken from pretty painful spots.  

    I always warn them about my veins before a blood draw.  Some of them are pretty good with getting what they need on the first try, but others have trouble, which makes the experience that much more unpleasant.  
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  • OTmom3OTmom3
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    I'm planning to do my glucose test tomorrow when I go in for my progesterone shot but that won't be until after 2pm. I'm so nervous I'm going to fail due to eating a bad breakfast or lunch beforehand. I guess I'll make a trip to the cafeteria in the hospital (where I'm working) for a nice salad for lunch.
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  • @OTmom3 good luck tomorrow! I was not even worried about what I was eating but I did have a decent lunch like an hour before. DH and I were at the bank beforehand and he took the cookie I grabbed on my way out away from me before I could eat it because he didn't want me to fail lol. I totally had forgot I had the testing in 10 minutes when I grabbed the cookie. 
  • Just found out I failed my 1 hour with a level of 148. Ugh. Waiting for instructions about when/how to schedule my 3 hour...
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