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April venting/FFC/WTF


Re: April venting/FFC/WTF

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    @desoky01 I think that sometimes but then I'm like oh well I don't use names and other than my H. ANd if he sees oh well

    @SandNStarsNJ so unfair on the inlaws. Why did they decide to not do one of their Amish trips, other than to be pains 
  • kvruns said:
    @SandNStarsNJ LaLaLand is on home delivery Netflix. I don't think it is available streaming anytime soon 
    Nuts. We only stream. 
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  • @kristah2 I felt like I was reading a post I could've written about Mother's Day just 4 years ago. My mom does the same bs. She gets mad when I fail to initiate on my end (because I get busy sometimes) yet it's okay for her to forget or bail out at the last second which she has done. Man did she get mad at me once because I didn't call her for a week, although we had talked several times, but she was the one to call me every time. I've paid attention and sometimes she doesn't initiate the calls for two weeks. We always talk every few days. Oh and I feel exactly the same way about not wanting to stay at my MIL's for Mother's Day, especially my first. I hope you have a happy first Mother's Day!
  • @camcbeth mom twins! Hope it's a good (and low stress) one for you too! 
  • camcbethcamcbeth member
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    kristah2 said:
    @camcbeth mom twins! Hope it's a good (and low stress) one for you too! 
    Haha, I wish! Mother's Day is not only my MIL's 70th birthday but they are coming to visit with my husband's brother and his wife. SIL is not very nice. However, I have stocked my freezer with breastmilk and I plan on drinking mimosas all day. I'll need the liquid encouragement to be nice and smile. 

    I can play my mom's games no problem because they are usually just petty and we have a great relationship. I'll probably sneak away from the in-laws to FaceTime my mom for a long time too. Ha!
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