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Funny things

I think we had a thread like this one time, but it's been a while!
What new and surprising thing has your LO done that you have found hilarious?
Not only consistently, but also did they do something out of the blue that made you laugh?

Birdie has had a few.
I've been letting her walk to the car if she'll willingly wear her shoes. She's so good about staying on the sidewalk until I'm ready for her. The other day, she was pacing back and forth, and dropped her paci--face up. She picked it up with her hand, thought again, and put it back on the sidewalk. She then proceeded to lie on her belly to pick that pacifier up with her mouth! So funny.

The other super funny thing (also soooo cute) that she does is that she's started stalking me. She will sneak up so she's a step behind me, and then pounce on my legs. She also likes to hide around the corner and jump out and scare us. It cracks me up!

Re: Funny things

  • There are SO many things that make me laugh lately! My favorite is putting on socks. She wants to do it! But she just takes a sock and lays it on her foot. She hasn't quite figured out why it's not staying there. SO CUTE. 
  • Mine likes to play hide and seek.  But he always hides in the same spot.  He thinks it's hilarious when I find him and he runs over to give me a big hug.
    He likes to bring us our shoes too.  One day I asked him to pick out a pair of shoes for me to wear and he brought me a matching set that actually went with my outfit!
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  • Yesterday DS went into the pantry and stole a cookie then ran clear across the house to hide in he corner thinking I wouldn't notice, giggling and babbling the whole time. It was hilarious! He also LOVES to put his pacifier in my mouth and thinks it's the funniest thing ever when I let him.
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  • Brynlee has decided that saying "thank you" is the proper response when anyone tells her that they love her... she also gets upset if I don't say thank you when she tells me that she loves me. 

    She also has started randomly begging for Grandpa during meltdowns... if I scold her for anything whatsoever, she starts sobbing with intermittent pauses where she whines "want grandpaaaaa!" I can't help but turn around to laugh. She's so dramatic. 
  • Though probably not funny to some, Claire likes to lay on her back when she doesn't get what she wants. Doesnt throw a fit. Doesnt scream or cry. Just lays there and stares at the ceiling. I laugh everytime. I probably shouldn't laugh but I cant help it. 
  • Now that the weather is decent enough to take walks, Freya is picking flowers and actually smelling them, like big dramatic sniffs. She is also "feeding" the cats, her stuffed animals, and me/DH...And then sometimes she'll take a bite too. Last night she also "brushed" her stuffed animal's teeth. One more- Freya has a routine for when I get home from work now: She takes my necklace, watch, and shoes, and puts them all on herself, then smiles and says "mama". So silly.
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    I am due with my second in September and Samuel has started pointing to my belly and saying baby he will also come up and kiss it if we ask him if he wants to give the baby a kiss. I know he has no clue what it means and he said just doing this because he sees my husband do it but I die every time it's so cute! 

    He also has started doing a "mean look" where he squints his eyes at you and it's adorable and doesn't look mean at all hahaha 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    These are great!  

    Harper had her 15 month check up and shots Friday. Every time she would see the blue crayon bandaid they put on her she would cry! It was both sad and adorable. She also thinks it hysterical to say no to things. If I ask for a kiss she'll think about it for a second, say "nooooooo" while shaking her head no, then squeal and laugh. The joke never gets old for either of us! 
  • cali1710 said:
    Though probably not funny to some, Claire likes to lay on her back when she doesn't get what she wants. Doesnt throw a fit. Doesnt scream or cry. Just lays there and stares at the ceiling. I laugh everytime. I probably shouldn't laugh but I cant help it. 
    My youngest son did this until he was about 3. He'd just go catatonic. 
  • My son has become a very dramatic kisser. With force and a loud "mmbuah!" He also loves to talk..lately he has been asking us "Where ya goin?" and sometimes "Really?" because we say that in response to his
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    Samuel has started saying bye bye all the time. It's hilarious because every time someone says hi to him like in the store he just looks at them and says "bye!" Hahaha 
  • Keat is a little copy cat so we've had to watch our mouths. My DH said ass the other night and Keat walked around for about 30 minutes saying ass, ass, ass, ass. I can't help but giggle. He's started to Shhhhh the dogs when they bark, it's so cute. 
  • Brynlee is by far the most ridiculously talkative child I've ever met. She has around 30 words... and she knows what they mean. It's absolutely insane. Her favorites are "giraffe" and "alligator." I'm impressed and absolutely terrified of what she'll be like as a teenager lol. 
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