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as disussed here is a thread for all things travel!! Feel free to post travel plans, questions about areas / things to do or questions about travelling with a baby! 


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  • We are heading to the Florida Keys in two weeks! Can't wait to get out of town for a bit! Two questions:

    1) Any advice for air travel with a five month old? My H is driving with our boat so he'll have our suitcases but I will be bringing the car seat and stroller. 

    2) Any tips for baby at the beach? I've already bought a covered pool float and a beach tent. 

    I know most of us are first time moms but maybe someone has a nugget of advice that will help us!
  • I've been reading a lot on flying with baby. Some things I've learned : 
    - feed during take off and landing. It'll help soothe and be easier on their ears. 
    -check stroller and car seat at the gate not before. Especially car seat since you want to reduce th risk of it being banged up ( you know what they're like with baggage) 
    -you can take milk/formula through security if needed. 

    Im no help for the beach unfortunately ! Not much in the way if beaches where I'm from! I did get a super cute reusable swim diaper though! And one piece suit (for a boy)

    we got M's passport photo today! Cutie pie! Hopefully the office accepts it, they are super particular. 
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  • @mrsmaryk2016 For the beach, I'm sure you already have plenty of sunscreen but I would also do a hat.  I haven't been yet but it is definitely in our future so I've also been thinking of what we'll need.  This might be overboard, but I've also been thinking of some type of battery operated fan because it is super hot in FL.
  • Going to Atlanta this summer for a Braves game at the new stadium.  Anyone know of any baby friendly attractions and best part of town to stay in?
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    I am heading to Lake Tahoe/Reno NV area at the end of this month! So any tips for flying with baby (5 months) here as well!

    @MrsMaryK2016 I've been reading a lot and I think the one tip I seen that I am going to use is having a small "emergency kit" in a ziplock bag (or similar) to tuck in the seat back so I don't have to dig through the diaper bag every time. From what I read these kits include a diaper, wipes, change of clothes. Basically the essentials.
    ETA: Also a changing pad. Oh and I saw the suggestion to bring doggy poop bags to put the dirty diapers in.

    Other things I've read
    • Gate Check the stroller & car seat at the gate (most airlines this is free). Sometimes if there is an empty seat you can bring the carseat on board with you (this is if you didn't buy a ticket for LO). The airline I am flying suggested having a bag for these in case there aren't any at the gate. I ordered mine from target.
    • Wear your baby through the airport in a carrier.
    • Have their favorite toy plus a new one to keep them entertained.
    • Feed during take off/landing unless they are sleeping.
    • Most people are willing to help if you need, so just ask.
    • Try and relax and not stress because baby can tell.
    • Pack the minimum and buy what you need when you get to your destination.
    • Bring some nice chocolates for the Flight Attendants
    So here is my plan so far, it will be H, me, and LO and we have a total of 3 airplanes with 2 layovers. We are bringing the frame stroller and infant car seat and gate checking with the hopes of empty seats on the plane for the car seat. I will be bringing my Lilliebaby and Mei Tai for baby wearing through the airport and at our destination. I think one of us may board early to get the seat and stuff all situated and the other board last with the baby (not too sure about this yet, we may both board early). We FF so I will be bringing ready to feed formula. I think I will change her just before boarding each plane in hopes to not need diaper changes on the airplane. I really think LO will be entertained enough by all the people and new places. We've brought her out to restaurants and other places and she always does so good. If she falls asleep I will hold her and maybe just prop my arms up with a sweatshirt, blanket, travel neck pillow or something so I don't need to bring the boppy. When we get to our destination we will stop at Costco for formula, wipes, and diapers. We also will be heading to Target or BRU to buy a PnP and any other essentials that we didn't bring. We are staying at a friends parents and then in the hotel. This friend is currently pregnant so I figured we will just leave the PnP at her parents as a thank you for letting us stay. We are going to try and not check any bags so we will have to fit everything in our carry ons. Luckily we will be able to do laundry and the house when we are there.
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  • I flew with my LO at 3 months, and was by myself so some things I did:

    - If possible use a service that drops you off instead of having to ride the big economy shuttle bus - paying extra for convenience was worth it
    - Gate check your stroller/car seat. Don't bother with one of those car seat bags/covers unless the weather is going to be bad - I had one and it was nearly impossible to deal with myself
    - Not all airports have good family bathrooms for changing and such. Damn you RSW (Ft Myers)
    - Security wasn't too bad although it is time consuming to put everything through the conveyor, etc. Don't bother taking liquids out since they will have to hand check it. I brought BM, liquid formula, and a bottled water for powdered formula

    - Get an aisle seat if possible just in case you have to get up. If flying Southwest go toward the back, that seemed to be where the families with small kids all sat and I felt more supported back there. Plus more liklihood of an empty seat next to you
    - Feeding during takeoff/landing weren't options as it didn't fit his schedule but I did use a pacifier and he didn't have any issues. He actually passed out during takeoff both times, I was surprised
    - Pack extra outfits in a ziplock bag so that if you need to do a change you have an easy outfit/sleeper together plus a bag to put gross stuff in. Fortunately I didn't need this for the plane itself
    - Put whatever supplies you might need in the seat back - I put a bottle in there plus a drink for myself so I wouldn't have to fumble while also holding baby
    - If you are bringing bottles my Dr Brown's leaked. They leak at home if warmed because of the venting system so I guess something similar happened on the flight with the pressure change.
    - It was surprisingly easy to hold him during the flight - maybe he just new mama couldn't handle a meltdown or too much squirming
    - Mine wasn't into toys yet but if I were to take him now I'd bring his favorite toy he likes to chew on so maybe a few extras like that
    - I was too afraid to get an in flight drink for fear of LO having a meltdown and me spilling so buying a drink with a lid was perfect to keep in the seat back so I still had something. I made sure and had a snack before I got on the flights so I wouldn't be hungry
    - Some people I saw wore the babies in carriers on the flight. Mine doesn't go in one much so this wasn't an option since I knew it would be a struggle to get myself out of the carrier if he was melting down

    - Accept offers of help. I know I like to do it all myself but if someone wants to help you fold down the stroller or put your bag in the over head bin - let them.
    - Bring an eff it attitude. I was so scared to take him, as in crying on the drive to the airport because I didn't want to have that baby. But then I realized F it, babies cry and I'm doing my best.
  • @m6agua I brought some of the 2oz ready to feed nursettes and kept them sealed until after security and then poured 2 into a bottle for him on the way down, worked perfectly (minus a leaky bottle). 

    I keep a roll of dog poop bags in my diaper bag 24/7. They are perfect for diapers or for messy clothes/bibs/whatever. 
  • @MrsMaryK2016 - baby powder removes sand in a big way. Don't hesitate to use it in excess when leaving the beach!
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  • I flew with my LO twice when she was 6 and then 12 weeks. Nursing/feeding during the takeoff and landing helped. When she refused to nurse, I used the pacifier and it worked as well. I think the stress caused too much pooping (also she was pooping much more at that stage) so lots of diapers , wipes is a must. It also helps to have some type of purell or hand wipes for you is helpful, I was paranoid about the germs on the airport etc. I packed 4 sets of outfit but our flight was 10 hours. If you can arrange a bassinet for the plane, that would be great. When they sleep, you can securely put them into the bassinet to sleep. One of my friend suggested to get saline since the air in the plane gets too dry but we did not need it.

    I live in NYC and I really want to have a beach trip this July. Would you have any suggestions ? I am not sure if driving to Maine or taking a plane to somewhere south would be easier.
  • I travelled with my LO at 4months.
    As I brought a big stroller I was not allowed to bring it all the way to the gate, but as I travelled alone they did offer. So check this! 
    I didn't plan on bringing it all the way, so I checked it in.

    I had one adult size backpack which fit under the seat. I brought 2 empty bottels, a thermos with boiled water and 2 bottles with boiled cold water. Pack them where you easily can unpack them as security wants to see them. Also plan enough time, as one travels with lots of 'weird' objects as bottles, water and formula (unless you breastfeed) so they like to check it (or did in the Netherlands and Norway)

    In my backpack I packed one set of clothes, diapers, bottles, pre measured formula, bottles, my LO favourite dolly, burpcloths and a blanket as it might be cold, to cover LO.
    I also brought a carry on bag on wheels. Had extra diapers, extra clothes for LO and for me, box of formula (my LO has a special kind, so incase suitcase didn't arrive)

    As for feeding during takeoff and landing, if you can, fantastic! Otherwise try pacifier as feeding a baby that isn't hungry isn't going to happen (my LO on the way back) 
    She fell asleep during take off, during landing she was awake. Last flight she cried as ears hurt. So a nose spray for babies is recommended to bring as my LO had a slight cold. But as the flight attendant said: crying means they are swallowing too; which is good! 
    I had a friendly suite next to me that kept me calm as he said he had kids himself. Which helped.

    Do indeed let others help. I had a mother of three I've been there, taking care of my bag when boarding. Another lady offered to hold my LO when I tried to install everything (it's not like strangers can run of with your LO on a plane) had flight attendant hold my LO when they wanted me to chance seat. (Another passenger wanted to swopp so I had a spair seat!)
    I used a bag for my stroller, but taking of the wheels on your own while holding a baby sucks #definitelynotworthit

    Also if your LO loves to be carried in a carrier don't expect them to do this at the airport. Mine decided she didn't think it was that fun. So backpack and one suitcase on wheels is definitely a max.
    Oh and blowouts do happen! So don't cut down on spairclothes and diapers :)


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  • @MrsMaryK2016 - baby powder removes sand in a big way. Don't hesitate to use it in excess when leaving the beach!
    I just learned about that via the show Grace and Frankie!
  • Just don't forget to bring the passport to the airport like I did @rhodamorgenstern!
    I had to ge my mum to bring it to me, which is a 1hr45min drive! Luckily I had planned more than enough time at the airport! 


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  • We traveled a lot with our first but are holding off on any great plans for a bit with two kids. Things we learned:
    *If your LO likes to be worn, do it. Not having to worry about elevators and in small spaces just works. 
    *BM, formula, etc can be carried on but will be screened at security. Be prepared to wait. 
    *Check everything you can at the gate - stroller, car seat, carrier... it's treated better and you don't have to wait. 
    *Board first so you can situate the bags, seating etc (btw we always opted for no seat for LO and it worked great).
    *There is a pullout changing table in the airplane bathroom. Look carefully!
    *Crying is unfortunately a good thing during take off because their ears are popping. 
    *When all else fails, drop a little Calms Forte in the bottle and let the LO take a nap. 
    *Make a busy bag (age appropriate) that keeps your LO occupied or looking at things for distraction. 
    *Buy diapers when you land. 
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  • The only additional things I would add about flying is bring sanitizer wipes to wipe down the airplane seat and tray. Also, I brought an iPad because as our first got older she could watch movies/shows on airlines apps. 

    We we are going on a cruise to Alaska next month. We got the baby a passport for a stop in Canada. Although we've already taken her to Canada once already with her birth certificate, the cruise line was specific to say everyone needed a passport to get off the ship. We didn't want to chance it so we got a passport. Any other advice for a cruise? Do the have microwaves in the rooms? I give her breast milk and am kinda freaking how it will all work out. 
  • @camcbeth what cruise line are you going with? 
    We are carnival people (though I've cruised royal Caribbean as well) and they don't have microwaves in the rooms. I did a bit of research with carnival specifically and they said that they won't even keep milk etc in fridges for you except at one specific bar you would have to go to. They don't do anything "special" for babies aside from offer limited baby sitting and put a crib in the room upon request. 
    Personally I would still absolutely cruise with M at this age! 

  • We are traveling with Norwegian. I think it's a 7 nighter too. So no mini fridge in the room either? I meant to ask that too. We did get the pack n play and I'm bringing my own sheets for it and a high chair. Thanks for the tip about the bar, I guess I'll have to dig around a bit more to prepare. 
  • @camcbeth looking at NCL website it looks like there's a mini fridge but no microwave. But it means you can keep your milk in there! 
    There are also plug ins, what about buying a bottle warmer and bringing that with you in place of a microwave? Though I would check with the cruise line. Sometimes they are crazy. I got married on a cruise a couple years ago and they wouldn't allow a travel steamer even with it being for my wedding dress! 
  • camcbethcamcbeth member
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    @kristah2 thanks for looking that up! I haven't had the chance to yet. I do have a bottle warmer and haven't used it this time around and was thinking I could try to get it on. If it gets taken away it wouldn't be a big loss. What harm can you do with a travel steamer? 
  • @camcbeth I'm pretty sure with cruise lines if they take it you get it back at the end anyway so worst case you don't have it on board but you still go home with it! 

    I have NO idea. Worried about me catching the boat on fire I guess. Little do they know the steamer barely gets hot enough to even get a small wrinkle out let alone burn down a cruise ship. 
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    We leave Thursday AM for a week at my Mom's over Easter in Illinois. Here's hoping the long car ride goes well! Here is my packing list, can you think of anything I am forgetting or should add? Nora is 4.5 months.

    For the car-ride:

    Toys she can play with in the carseat

    Diaper bag with all the usual stuff (diapers, wipes, cream, pacifier, bags for diapers, extra outfits, burp cloths, soft books)

    For staying with my Mom:

    Pack and Play - will use for sleeping and a safe place to put her when needed

    plenty of outfits - we will be able to wash clothes as needed at my moms

    play mat, small toys

    soft-structured carrier - we have a lille baby carrier

    Portable White Noise Machine (Thanks @jsmai )

    Manual Pump and a few bottles in case we leave her with my mom to go out.

    We are not bringing the stroller, to save space. A cousin might have one we can borrow or we'll baby-wear

    Is there anything obvious I am missing? Also, Should cotton footed sleepers be comfortable for her in 70 degree weather, or will she be OK in just a onseie most of the day? Having a late fall baby in Michigan, I have no idea how to dress her for warmer weather.   

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  • jsmaijsmai member
    Are you able to take your monitor with you? Does your LO have any nap time helpers (white noise/music/blackout drapes) that might help them sleep in a different environment?
  • We ended up having to change our travel plans :(
    H decided it wasn't the time to do NYC with M so young since there's lots he wants to do there that isn't baby friendly and if we go now it could be years before we go again. 
    We are now flying to Ottawa to see H's family then driving through upstate New York to buffalo. We're going to do a few days on the US side of Niagra then a night on Canada side before driving back to Ottawa through Canada so we can stop and see some friends. 
    Not exactly the perfect vaca but at least it's something. 
    However now I get to deal with both a plane ride and long car ride with an infant all in the same trip. Great. 
  • Has anyone stayed in Niagra falls? Either US or Canada side? 
  • jsmaijsmai member
    kristah2 said:
    Has anyone stayed in Niagra falls? Either US or Canada side? 
    I stayed on the Canadian side a few years back
  • kristah2 said:
    Has anyone stayed in Niagra falls? Either US or Canada side? 
    I've always heard Canadian side was best. My parents were just there a couple years ago and my in laws are going next month and staying on the Canadian side
  • I stayed on the Canadian side when I was a kid so I don't think I'll be much help. I do remember going to the amusement park called Marine Land and there was a petting zoo there. That very well could've changed because it was almost 30 years ago. 
  • Going to my brother in laws wedding this weekend. Driving three hours Thursday night, three hours Friday morning,three hours Sunday afternoon, and three hours Sunday morning. Ever since having LO I'm the most anxious person I know. I'm freaking out! About the drive, the hotel, sleeping in a pack n play, being out of routine... everything!!! 
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  • jsmaijsmai member
    @anne11716 You can do this! If you are able to,  plan lots of cushion in to your drive times to allow room for things that will, inevitably, happen at the wrong time. And as much as possible,  try to mirror your old routines in the new environments. 

    Good luck!
  • We're in the Keys right now and damn has M been difficult. I guess it's being out of his routine or all the new places and people but he has been a down right terror to get to bed EVERY SINGLE night so far. And forget naps. I've tried to mimic our home routine as much as possible but nothing seems to help him and this vacation is starting to feel more like work than relaxation. We still have a week left and I'm honestly ready to pack up and go home. Ugh. I am really missing my pre-baby vacations. 
  • @anne11716 good luck! 
    @MrsMaryK2016 sorry to hear it's going sucky. Hopefully M turns around a little and lets you enjoy a bit of your next week. 
  • @anne11716 Good luck. I hope there are LOTS of car naps!

    @mrsmaryk2016 In my experience it's best to just let go of the idea of any schedule for LO on vacation. Go do your thing, be prepared with bottles or pacifiers or whatever is the thing that soothes (albeit randomly) and try your best to enjoy yourself. Eventually he'll wear himself out on a walk or on the beach or nursing or wherever. Once we cut our losses on vacation with our first it was a lot more fun and she eventually crashed into a few days of heavy naps and bedtimes. Either way I hope you can enjoy some of it! I'd love to be in the keys right about now. 
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    I'd love to be in the keys too! So sick of all this rain in the pnw. 
    We never really do schedules because my husband claims his ADHD (his excuse) makes him bored at home and constantly needs to be on the go or leave the house just to get out. Usually it's taking the kids to the park, going to the store, eating out, driving around and checking things out... So on vacation it does seem like our kids just go with the flow. But the car always seems to be magic and puts both kids to sleep. Our second kid did make bedtime shoddy on vacation back in February. The day was great, the night was a nightmare. 
  • For anyone who is airplane traveling with any child: check out this article

     please, please, please buy them a seat so they are using their car seat on the plane!! It is the safest thing and it could save their life. Checking a car seat and even gate checking a car seat is not a safe option (for the seat or the child). Even gate checked items get thrown around and your seat could have unseen damage causing it to not opperate correctly in a collision. Also, children typically do better in their own seat than being held for the whole flight. I know it's a major cost to purchase a seat, but you would have to anyway if your child was 2years old and it could save your child's life during turbulence or a runway accident. Just want to keep all the littles safe
  • @camcbeth - Right? This year has been especially gloomy here! :-( But yay for a bit of sun today!
  • @BLyn627 - I hadn't considered all that. Do you think the carseats even fit in the tiny economy spaces or would a parent have to splurge for business/"extra leg room"?
  • BLyn627BLyn627 member
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    @lajoliedreamer the best way to figure that out would probably be to google "does (your car seat) fit rear facing on a (airline) plane". From my understanding, you shouldn't have to pay for a different seat. I know some seats you would have to ask for a seatbelt extender to install with once on the plane. Also, the cosco screens next is a very recommended seat when traveling on a plane because it's lightweight (less than 10lbs I believe), narrow (fits in even small airplane seats), and cheap (about $35). 

    Edit: my husband has been watching this show called air disasters on the smitsonian channel and it's crazy how many airplane crashes there are that have survivors. Every time, I see a an episode, I can't help but think, a child in a car seat has such a better chance of survival than a lap baby. We also have a friend whose parents were two of just a handful of survivors in a large plane crash, so I try to take airplanes travel pretty seriously  :)
  • Time to pack - we leave Thursday! 
    Trying to figure out everything we all need for 10 days and fit it into 2 suitcases and carry ons is proving to be a challenge. 
  • kvrunskvruns member
    kristah2 said:
    Time to pack - we leave Thursday! 
    Trying to figure out everything we all need for 10 days and fit it into 2 suitcases and carry ons is proving to be a challenge. 
    are you planning to buy baby stuff when you get there like diapers and wipes
  • @kvruns we are bringing wipes (I prefer the Kirkland ones and you can't by a single pack just a giant box) and we have already ordered a box of diapers there so they should be waiting for us! 
    Im bringing a small Vaseline (since we will need some for the plane anyway)
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