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**Great Big Labor Thread for the week of 4/3/17**


Re: **Great Big Labor Thread for the week of 4/3/17**

  • @jdebaie, congrats!! She's precious. How's everyone doing? 
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  • kat81 said:
    CarmCeG said:


    I have a question, are actual labor contractions (mild) ever followed by nausea? Have any of you experienced this? I started to feel something similar to this yesterday.. I am seeing my MW today, but I obviously can't wait for an answer.

    For me yes I vomited during both labors. But only when I was well into active labor. I vomited from the intensity of the pain. During early labor I didn't experience any nausea.
    I didn't vomit with my first... but my SIL said it helped her with pushing! She vomited through the whole thing and each time her twins came down/out a bit more.  :D
  • Big huge congrats to @schnitz9 and @jdebaie!!! Will and Scarlett are both adorably perfect!!!

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  • Congratulations @schnitz9 and @jdebaie!!! 
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  • Congratulations @jdebaie! Scarlett is beautiful! I hope labor was smooth and both of you have a short, uneventful hospital stay!
  • @jdebaie Congratulations! She is so beautiful! I hope you and baby are doing great!
  • Congrats @jdebaie! Scarlett is darling and I love her name! Hope you are both recovering well!
  • Congrats @schnitz9 and @jdebaie!
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  • Wishing you luck today @Kipperoo
  • Thinking of you @kipperoo!! Hope all goes well!

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  • @Kipperoo!! You've got this!! Thinking of you today, fingers and toes crossed for a speedy delivery and a super healthy little one! 
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    Good luck @Kipperoo!! Hope your day is smooth, uncomplicated, and short!

    ETA, oops, posted in the wrong week... let's let this thread go the way of the dodo...
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