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Who has the Línea Negra?

I had a pretty noticeable line that was light brown when I was pregnant with my two boys, but with my baby girl this 3rd pregnancy it's barely visible.  Very very faint.  

Does anyone else have if so is there a marked difference between your previous pregnancies with boys or girls?  I thought my line would be noticeable by now, but it's barely there!  

Re: Who has the Línea Negra?

  • Btw, I'm 37 weeks today...  and remember having the noticeable line earlier in my previous pregnancies... 
  • I have it!  I started to barely notice it at 15 weeks, it's very prominent now. I'm having a little girl :)
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  • Wow really? 15 weeks is early!  I think It started appearing with my boys around 6- 7 mos.  you know what is funny, both of my boys had the line when they were born... lol..
  • Mine is lighter this time around! 
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  • I have 2 boys. The line was very noticeable with the first but barely there with the second.
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  • With my first girl it was pretty noticeable, it showed up at the end of the 2nd trimester. This time there is absolutely nothing there. I am kind of sad about it. I liked it there last time. Oh, and this one is a girl as well. 

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  • Yep, every time I look at my belly I still can't believe how extremely faint my line is with this little girl compared to when I was pregnant with my boys..  
  • I have a faint line that my doctor pointed out at 34 weeks (I didn't even notice it then but now can't stop seeing it). What I noticed more is that it looks like I essentially have a big old bruise all around my belly button. She wasn't concerned, but it still looks weird to me!
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  • @momtoleo, do you have an umbilical hernia? I had that after my second pregnancy.

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  • @MWoodside I actually asked my doctor about that today based on your comment so thanks for bringing it up! Nope, she says it's just discoloration and nothing to be worried about, but I definitely did a lorn of googling last night!
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